Curly hair

30 Hairstyles you should try, at least once, if you’re a...

Whether you have come here because your hair is Chinese and you need ideas to comb it or because you simply love...

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hair care

DIY: Hair Damaged Masks

Mask with castor oil, honey and shea butter Castor oil strengthens and deeply nourishes damaged hair. Honey, as mentioned previously, is an excellent emollient and...

How to Style Short Hair?

The short cut is cute and very fashionable. If you have just returned from the hairdresser with your first short cut, you...

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How to Wash your Hair without Shampoo

Cowash and gelwash: how to wash your hair without shampoo and make them shiny

What is cowash and how it is practiced. Let's find out better how to make your hair clean and shiny without shampoo. Ideal for...
Fine Hair Masks

DIY: Fragile and Fine Hair Masks

Yogurt, egg and honey mask The egg, being rich in proteins and good fats, gives strength, vigor and volume to the hair preventing breakage. Yogurt...
Simple and Fast Hairs

DIY: 5 Simple and Fast Hairs You can do it!

You do not feel like getting the same bun and ponytail, but have zero time for a lavish hairstyle in the morning? We'll show...
Easy Hairstyles 2019

Easy Hairstyles 2019 step by step

So that our limited time is not reflected in our lack of aesthetics, we present some easy hairstyles ideal for everyday use...
fast and easy hairstyles

DIY: Fast and easy hairstyles – styling ideas with instructions

Sometimes you just do not have the time to make complicated hairstyles. Nevertheless, one would like to be stylishly styled. Fortunately, there are a...