Curly hair

Things to Take Care of while Getting a Haircut for Curly...

Curly hair may have drawn eyes over to you. The thing with curly hair is that it keeps you out from the crowd. In some...

hair color

hair care

How to get gray hair?

Wearing gray hair, natural or dyed, has become very trendy. Here's how to do them, who they are good at and how...

Shampoo for fragile hair: here are those that work, but are...

A Swiss study warns about so-called "repairers" shampoos that protect their hair little or nothing, but are full of silicones and plastics They are called...

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Herbal Serum

DIY: herbal serum for soft and silky hair

How to make a do-it-yourself hair serum based on herbs and essential oils to take care of it all year round. Ingredients and procedure...

DIY: Masks for Dry and Frizzy Hair

Olive oil and honey mask   Olive oil and honey both have emollient, moisturizing and regenerating properties. It is a very suitable pack for dry hair. In...
fast and easy hairstyles

DIY: Fast and easy hairstyles – styling ideas with instructions

Sometimes you just do not have the time to make complicated hairstyles. Nevertheless, one would like to be stylishly styled. Fortunately, there are a...
Simple and Fast Hairs

DIY: 5 Simple and Fast Hairs You can do it!

You do not feel like getting the same bun and ponytail, but have zero time for a lavish hairstyle in the morning? We'll show...
How to give volume to hair

How to give volume to hair: 20 effective solutions

Hair too smooth or flat? Here are twenty simple solutions easily achievable to get a hair at full volume!