20 Short Tapered Layered Haircuts Ideas to Try in 2024


Aficionadas of the latest hair trends, here is some good news: The short tapered layered cut is back in force in 2024! Who can resist this pretty cut combining elegance and audacity? Without further ado, immerse yourself in the world of this fluid and airy cut that leaves no woman indifferent!

What is a short tapered layered cut?

At the heart of the hair universe, an elegant cut is at the top of the list for its subtlety and elegance in movement: the famous faded tapered cut! To speak the language of your hairdresser, we define it as a cut resulting from the combination of two complementary techniques: gradient and tapering.

  • The gradient: consists of cutting the strands to different and progressive lengths, thus creating the illusion of natural density.
  • Thinning: thins the hair, giving it an airy and light appearance.

The marriage of the two techniques gives rise to a fluid cut, rich in movement and textures.

What are the advantages of the short tapered layered cut?
In addition to being super easy to maintain and style, the short tapered layered cut really has it all:

It has the power to give you a little facelift, which says better!

  1. It allows you to express your style without any hassle: curled, you have this flirtatious and attractive crown; smoothed, you are ready to shine in the evening;
  2. It gives you a unique look thanks to its super stylish look;
  3. Best of all, with just a few hairstyle variations, you can change your look whenever you want.
  4. You will have understood: opting for a tapered layered cut means choosing pep and liveliness!

How to choose the right tapered layered haircut?

Choosing the perfect cut is like creating a work of art with your hair. So, before opting for a tapered layered cut, you must consider the following elements:

  1. The shape of your face: each face has particularities, pretty features to enhance and small flaws to hide, and there is a cut specially designed to reveal the best of each face shape, whether oval, round or square . Knowing your facial shape is the key to making the ideal choice and, above all, avoiding any regrets later. Once you understand this question, choosing the perfect fit becomes obvious.
  2. Hair type: We explore the nature of our hair and learn about its texture and thickness. And there, we choose a cut that suits the type of hair to highlight it.
  3. Personal style: Ask yourself the style that speaks to you the most: are you attracted to the classic, daring, extravagant or playful look? The short tapered gradient cut must be a signature of your style!
  4. The opinion of a hairdressing expert: The choice is made? All that remains is to ask the opinion of a professional hairdresser and above all to show him a photo of the desired cut so that he understands your expectations.

Let it be said: Short cuts are certainly sources of vibration, especially when they are accompanied by movement and airy textures, but you still need to ensure above all that they reflect you in an authentic way.

20 Short Tapered Layered Haircut Ideas for a Versatile Look in 2024

Want to change your look with a faded tapered cut that breathes new energy into your style with a simple swipe of the scissors? Explore 20 sources of inspiration and find the rare gem to enhance your look…

The mullet cut

A fond memory of the 80s, the mullet cut is reinvented today with an elegant and modern touch to become a pretty version of the faded tapered cut. This mullet features delicate, precise lines where the scissors create a subtle transition between lengths. At the front, the locks gently frame the face. As for the rest of the hair, it is pimped with a slight tapering of the ends to create this airy and textured look. The result is a cut that combines the boldness of the past with the creativity of the present.

The bixie cut

A perfect fusion between the pixie and the classic bob, the bixie is recognized as one of those refined cuts that bring volume and definition to the face, making the most of both styles. This cut is an excellent choice for women looking to adopt a cut that is fresh, elegant and minimalist, while taking advantage of the slight irregularity provided by the gradient. It looks like it embodies the perfect marriage of length, texture and movement, as highlighted by Leigh Hardges, an American hairstylist with 15 years of experience in this field.

The asymmetrical square

The slightly disheveled contours blend harmoniously together thanks to a gradient created with exceptional skill. Each strand, precisely tapered, brings feminine softness to the cheekbones, embodying the subtle balance of asymmetry. We validate!

The Italian bob

Want fullness and textures on your head? Opt for the Italian bob without fail! This is a bold cut characterized by its slightly shaggy layered lengths as well as rounded, tapered edges that frame the face.

The textured pixie

The pixie cut is never boring as long as you can reinvent it with several up-to-date styles! This time around, we reserve a special appreciation for the textured pixie, where the hair is cut with a tousled fade. The result is a daring look, worthy of charismatic and determined women who leave no aesthetic detail to chance!

Slightly plunging bob

A bob that delicately wraps the face with elegant asymmetry and a subtle tapered gradient, we love it! On the one hand, tapering along the contours gives lightness to the hair and creates natural movements. For its fresh and relaxed side, the inverted bob wins the prize among women at the forefront of fashion!

Pixie cut with wispy bangs

Let’s go ahead and celebrate the 90s by revisiting the pixie cut that has captured the hearts of many women. Imagine sporting hair cut with the right balance between tapered and layered, without having to take the trouble to style it. Well, that’s the secret of the pixie! With tapered bangs, as the icing on the cake, you are sure to inspire the aura of Miley Cyrus, and admit, it’s great, right?

Short Tapered Shag

Here’s a cut idea inspired by this tousled and sexy look: the short tapered shag! It is characterized by its unstructured and tapered locks, creating a messy and relaxed texture. It’s like the perfect hairstyle for those who want a casual look, but with an irresistibly stylish touch!

Gradient bob

The beauty of this cut lies in the gradient of the strands and the subtle tapering which adds a relaxed dynamic to the entire cut. A natural look guaranteed!

Shaggy Pixie

Fan of bold cuts that enhance the look and give a distinguished look? The shaggy pixie cut could be your ally! As its name suggests, it brings together the best assets of both styles: short, dynamic pixie locks, and a gradient characterizing shaggy! The result ? A superb hairstyle that is overflowing with style, boldness and… which captivates all eyes!

Blunt bob with tapered ends

Minimalist looks could strongly be synonymous with elegance and refinement. The proof is this blunt bob with tapered ends, full of style and softness! For a more accentuated magical effect, let’s not forget the little straight bangs which make all the difference.

Layered and wavy bob

This cut draws its charm from the gradient on the lengths and the tapering at the ends. In addition, this bob cut is easy to style with a simple comb and why not a small dab of styling cream.

Sleek, messy bob

Let us say it loud and clear: audacity and simplicity can coexist perfectly! The proof ? This relaxed bob that awakens the tigress in you, with only a few layered highlights and a taper at the ends. Don’t forget to opt for tapered bangs to accentuate the rebellious look.

Asymmetrical undercut

Want to achieve an avant-garde feminine look? Opt for this hairstyle that is sure to cause a sensation! All you have to do is ask your hairdresser for an asymmetrical undercut so that he can shave your hair on one side and delicately sculpt the other with a tapered layered effect.

Classic Pixie

A must-have in the hair world, the pixie cut remains unbeatable! The strands, tapered with precision and lightness, create an airy and light texture. The sides, delicately layered, ensure a fluid transition between the different levels of the hair.

Angled bob

This cut involves cutting the hair shorter at the back while progressing the length forward. The result ? A beautiful angular tilt which gives pep to the face and perfectly frames the cheekbones. We love simplicity when it rhymes with elegance!

Curly shag

The curly shag is the ultimate relaxed cut! All you have to do is create as many layers as possible, both layered and tapered, to get that rebellious look you love! Tip: Styling gel is your friend.

Curly Pixie

Here we are, bursting with creativity and rebellion by opting for this very stylish curly pixie! We create a cascade of short cut strands on the first lateral side, while the rest of the hair is left slightly longer. The contrast between the two parts is marked by a side parting enhanced by the beauty of the carefully worked curls.

Razor-style tapered cut

Being effortlessly chic this time only involves giving in to a gradient tapered cut embellished with silver coloring.

Curly bob with central parting

Stopping at the jawline, this cut delicately frames the face, while the curls add a touch of casual glamour. The central parting, for its part, ensures balanced symmetry, highlighting the structure of the bob.

Tips for maintaining a short tapered layered haircut

Sporting a short haircut is great! It’s light, fresh and stylish, but… It involves following some essential steps to maintain its shape and style. Here are a few tips:

  1. Regular visits to the hairdresser: short hair cut in a tapered layer tends to quickly lose its texture and asymmetry. How to cure it ? It’s simple: schedule regular visits to your hairdresser every four to six weeks to freshen up the cut.
  2. A gentle and appropriate shampoo: We agree that you need to space out shampoos so as not to dry out the scalp. That said, you should also think about using a mild shampoo or an alternative thereof, ideally without sulfate and paraben, in order to protect the health and shine of the hair. Warm water is your friend!
  3. Gentle washing: Here is a golden rule: apply shampoo exclusively to the scalp using gentle, gentle circular movements. Otherwise, you could end up with unwanted frizz and flyaways.
  4. Use a wide-toothed comb: the advantage of this tip is that you can easily detangle your hair when it is wet without knotting or breaking it. The bamboo comb is a great option!
  5. Goodbye heat: the more you avoid using heating tools like a dryer, straightener or curler, the better your hair will be. On the other hand, if you love a pretty wavy look, why not try natural curling methods?
  6. Use few styling products: short thin layered hair already has the texture and movement needed to shine. It’s best not to overload your hair with styling cream or gel, as this can weigh it down.
  7. Care ritual before sleeping: to find radiant hair when you wake up, opt for a pillowcase. Applying a hair serum is also recommended, allowing your hair to benefit from its conditioning properties throughout the night.
  8. Protect yourself from the sun and chlorine: Everyone loves to unleash their cool little short haircut in summer, but you should first think about using a UV protectant for your hair or wearing a hat to protect it from possible damage . This tip is valuable!
  9. Eat Healthy: A balanced diet is key! Even using the best nutritional care for your hair, it will never be enough to ensure its health and shine. This is why it is crucial to favor meals that are complete, balanced and above all rich in vitamins and minerals. Your body, your nails and your hair will thank you!
  10. Consult an experienced hairdresser: If you are lost between all the styling products that exist on the market or you are simply struggling to find a good routine for your short haircut, do not hesitate to use an experienced hairdresser who will know how to enlighten you and help you. provide personalized advice based on your hair type and hairstyle.


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