160+ Women Haircuts for Short Hair 2019-2020: For all face shape and age

Short haircuts 2020

Here’s how to become a natural woman. Fashionable short haircuts 2019-2020: the hair look like the desired areas have been cut and shaved, painted in your favorite color and long forgotten. We consider this article the most fashionable.

As you can imagine, this is just the messy artistic aspect is actually thought of. 2019-2020 year marks the return of the iconic hairstyles of the 1980s – ’90s in new capacity from their predecessors distinguishes courage, expressiveness and a professional approach.

Women short haircuts with asymmetry 2019-2020

In a few years asymmetrical, short haircuts have become an integral part of street fashion, trends are not under the force to hunt. Most of them Bob, Bob or a pixie, some details to give personality and enthusiasm. Usually, this is extremely cut off the head and bangs, cutting at an acute angle.

asymmetrical bangs helps smooth facial features

The haircut can be a length or texture. The first option is suitable for those who want to eliminate solidity with the help of multi-colored threads on smooth hair. The advantage of texture hairstyles in the ability to put yourself.

Women short haircut 2019-2020 “Caret”

Kara is another hairstyle for all ages and sometimes, thanks to its practicality and stylistic possibilities. In 2019-2020 year dominated by a reduced quad. This option allows for chubby “balance”, chubby cheeks or high cheekbones, and slim will help to emphasize refinement and sophistication.

Four of a kind: a haircut, many options

The recommended average duration for owners of thick hair, and tired of the monotony of long hair, but does not want to radically change the romantic image.

About fashionable short haircuts 2019-2020 “Bob-Bob”

In 2019-2020 the classic Bob buys a lot in common with quads. Similarity attach long filaments often trampled gently on the face.

The Bob includes the best features of both haircuts, this versatile haircut is compatible with most contemporary styles

Stretched wires can be dyed, curled, braided into braids. Parting is subject to compensation, the hair on the back of the head can be abbreviated, to emphasize the contrast and elegance of the neck.

On haircuts for short and smooth straight hair bangs “Caret style,” 2019-2020

If the hair is perfectly smooth, it makes sense to make the fringe a central figure of a circumflex accent hairstyle. Designer we offer a wide selection of:

smooth bangs;

asymmetrical bangs;

long bangs;

cut bangs.

Bangs straight to the eyebrows, just as much more is shorter than risky stylistic decisions, which hides neither the characteristics of fine, nor its flaws. Short, a couple of centimeters in front, it is easy to get confused with style, it is important to know the measure in order to prevent the accumulation of hair.

Short bursts testify to the confidence in the integrity of the image, long covers and hides

Long slanted bangs, were created for facial correction and hide unwanted parts. Long smooth bangs allow you to leave the front open, not short plump oval, but if you get bored, you can even remove the back with overlap or weaving.

About “nursing graduate” 2019-2020

Graduated cursor is possible first, to recommend:

owners of soft and thin hair, cut in steps will give them splendor; when there is need to eliminate the excessive solidity of the heavy hair dye; if you are dealing with stiff hair or soft curls, this technology will provide the desired shape of hair.

For some types of hair graduated slider true salvation

The layered graduated slider opens up new opportunities for hairdressers and barbers.

About the haircut “Quad” for short wavy curly hair

In 2019-2020 lush year-round curls recognized as a great base for creating these fashionable, short haircuts:

Bob-Bob; asymmetry; waterfall; pixie.

Bob-Bob on curly hair creates a dynamic and playful. Undulating asymmetry seems suddenly and at the same time harmonious, the hair gives the image of extra charm. Stylists recommend a rectified chin length to get the desired effect in everyday life.

Short wavy and curly hair – the key to the enthusiasm and dynamics of

Curly-haired fashionista will surely appreciate the cropped waterfall. Gradual haircut ease of installation, as well as elegant. This is one of the few options 2019-2020, which implies an elongated neck.

Ultrashort – androgynous style haircuts

Does it irritate the structure and quality of hair? Tired of messing with them? 2019-2020 year is the best time to get rid of them, approve trendsetters. Deliberate androgyny emphasizes femininity in all its glory.

Ultrashort hairstyle is not for everyone, before deciding on it, make sure that the shape of the skull will not fail

If you don’t want the image to change radically, pay attention to the soft tires: a haircut under the boy. Long bangs speed adds variety, can be combed back or make a side parting off.

Women haircut “Pixie” 2019-2020 for short hair

Pixie season 2019-2020 hates monotony, ragged asymmetrical fringe, in any shape, bright, toned strands visually rejuvenate. The combination of superkorotkih sideburns and the nape of the neck with long filaments on the crown underlines the contours of the face and neck.

Pixie haircut modern incarnation is rich in texture and requires minimal maintenance

This is a great way to show the benefits of hair, regardless of its condition; moreover, you don’t need to spend a lot of time styling. Pixie makes a bright accent on eyes and lips.

On haircuts for short hair “By car”

Increasingly fashionable the risks and playing with style and experience even the clipper Barber in action using this good old tool of the world today is one of the most daring images.

Haircut with the car, perhaps the most daring trend 2019-2020

Radical curl inches attached to the outside charm, and fragility, however, is an unprecedented sense of novelty and freedom. Hair cuts on a typewriter are surprisingly harmoniously combined with the usual makeup, fashion, large earrings, unisex and purely feminine clothes items.

About the short cut “shaved temple”

Short cropped head can be a decoration for haircuts of any length, elongated wires prudently allow it to cover, when circumstances require it.

Cut the head in every way, the element of cheekiness and taste

A shaved head can be very different: it is possible to shave or decorate a geometric or abstract pattern texture. No less different styling options: the hair can be combed in an Iroquois manner, asymmetry or left in the lurch.

At the same time, the rebellious spirit of avant-garde ideas of designers, sets the tone: cut off the head can withstand everything except pretentiousness. In case of slight-designed fault restraineth – that is the real element.

About the Cascade haircut on short hair, with smooth lines – the most creative of women’s haircuts for the 2019-2020 year

Waterfall could not be better, demonstrates the ability of calibration equipment, a smooth tandem makes the hair more voluminous, regardless of their natural structure and condition.

Cascading haircut emphasizes the best quality of hair requires a lot of style options

Thin, not too thick hair with air, gradation lasts more evident, undulating MOP finds expression. The versatility of the waterfall is that the use of lacquers and gels can be modified short haircut haircut involves different installation methods.

About the classic form of hair – “American”

The American is one of the most neutral 2019-2020 options. This haircut is also spared the change. Classic was just a side dish: elongated whiskey and the back of the head, fringe covering the forehead.

The American now looks really luxurious

Through the use of technology, the degree, the haircut has become more speed and, therefore, more volume, the masters, there are additional opportunities form of visual shape of the face. In the end, her hair still looks aristocratic, not surprisingly, she is liked by many celebrities.

About the short cut Mohawk 2019-2020

Mohawk is inevitably identified with the punk style. Unfortunately, this trend in the last century. Modern Mohawk has become more harmonious and elegant. Today there is no need to transform hair into porcupine quills, of which natural waves soften scandalous stylistic decisions.

Mohawk is no longer shocking to the public

Unusual color is preserved as a tribute to tradition, only they now have less contrast and designed in a single color. Haircuts can be divided into two types: cropped and lengthened neck.

How to choose a hairstyle for your appearance?

A variety of short haircut variants and new technical possibilities for performing to provide a wide selection of hairstyles that determine the choice of image is not easy.

Stylists will tell you that, first, you should browse:

the nature of the image you want to create: a respectable, daring, gentle, visually narrow a broad face will help side-swept bangs long frayed strands soften the massive chin.

Choosing a new haircut, take into account the individual characteristics of appearance and character

Also, don’t try to close the wide smooth thick fringe front – this will only make the situation worse, much more appropriate asymmetry, and threads of different lengths and colors.

About the undeniable advantages of short haircuts

Skillfully performed the short haircut greatly simplifies life, until the hair grows again, it is not a quick process. Ladies of all ages celebrate, along with excess vegetation can be here: for a makeover and feel the flow of energy. Properly performed the haircut visually adjust the features of the face.

A short haircut is practical and feminine

And, to be honest, long hair is good only when they are perfect, upset or uncared for they usually produce tiredness and boredom. Contrary to stereotypes, short haircuts look no less feminine, with a coat of light Hairdresser hair gain unprecedented density.

Talk about beautiful haircuts for short hair 2019-2020. After 35 years

Talk about beautiful haircuts for short hair 2019-2020. After 50 years

Talk about beautiful haircuts for short hair 2019-2020. After 55 years

Talk about beautiful haircuts for short hair 2019-2020. After 60 years

Women haircuts for short hair 2019-2020. They do not need styling

Women haircuts for short hair 2019-2020. For round face

About fashionable haircuts for short hair 2019-2020. The addition of new elements for the volume

Women haircuts for short hair in 2019. For fat women


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