+70 Hairstyles with braids 2019

Hairstyles with braids 2019

This year the braided hair is back in fashion. The proposals are very varied, we can dare to voluminous braids and very worked, as well as for those smaller, decorative, ornate and undone. Do you want to know how to go beautiful with hairstyles with braids? Then we show you all the trends in this modality.

We love braided hair, and we already know that they are still a fashion that will take a lot. Because they are comfortable, easy to wear and because the braids have varied to become many beautiful styles.

Braids and collected or bows

One of the variants that turns out to be more elegant is to combine the braided hair with collected or buns. These are very flattering, you can wear them with a slightly disheveled effect and also with or without bangs, something important now that the bangs is again trend.

If you want to collect all the hair, one of the most beautiful options is through two or more French braids. Simply roll the bottom of the braids in a bun.

This hairstyle with a braid that comes from the stripe on the side is very modern and sexy. They leave some loose hair that frame the face. You can continue the braid to the side and pick it up with the rest of the hair in a loose bun. A very elegant hairstyle, perfect for a party or wedding.

Below we see other variants of the same hairstyle.

The braided hair as a headband is still worn, and if you want to give it a more sophisticated look, you can use some hair accessory, like this spectacular brooch of small crystals. The high bow is also made with a twisted braid.

Boxer braids

One of the strongest trends that can be seen this season is braided hair of a boxer.

The hairstyle plays one of the most important roles in fashion and on all the catwalks we could see designers using this style to complement the look of their collections.

A trendy hairstyle, and for this season they are thick and long, with a lot of volume. This hairstyle is perfect for a sophisticated look.

Tang braids

More elaborate but not impossible, the fish tail braid. A simple braided ponytail in a tang or fish tail can be a great alternative. They are very simple to make and they make you look magnificent. Their simplicity makes them perfect for use with a variety of outfits and styles.

The braid may start at the crown of the head. It is a comfortable and sophisticated hairstyle. At first glance it may seem a bit difficult to achieve, but with a little practice it becomes very easy.

Hairstyles with a braid

There are many occasions when you can wear this type of hairstyle. It is so versatile that you can take it on a day of shopping, a walk on the beach or to go to a romantic dinner or to dance. And the braided hair, which is so fashionable this season, you can wear with the loose hair.

The side braid can reflect a bohemian style, romantic appearance or an elegant look with a lot of style. It is a hairstyle that can be used for the day, the office, the night or a party. They give us a very versatile look.

You can braid a strand that goes from the forehead to the crown with a light braid like the one in this lower image. It ends with a small bow.

Various braids

You can wear very thick braids made with several strands, joined at the back of the head. If you do not have enough hair to achieve this look, do not resign yourself, because you can use extensions and wear the best of styles to go with the current trends.

In the last seasons some variants arose like combing several lateral braids and joining them in one. And if you do not have long hair, take advantage of the hair extensions!

Braids with short hair

There are many styles you can try if you have short hair. Let’s see some examples.

The side braid is still an it for this year: you can braid one or two side strands and fix them with a clasp behind the head. You can also make a braid that collects the area of the bangs.

There are very modern options like the disheveled braid that looks in the bottom image.

The braid that, in the form of a crown, is worn over the forehead, allows some strands of hair to be picked up or loosened, and also the braid can cover the entire area on the forehead combing from side to side or only on one side.

Hairstyles with braids with loose hair

If you are looking for a hairstyle that allows you to show off your hair, braids can be great allies.

Braids and pigtail

You can choose a braided horsetail high or if not looser to the side. You can give it a more girly look with two braided tails or for a more mature look a milk braid. Any decision regarding braided hair is correct, as there are no rules for them. They just look good.

There is a wide variety of braided tails, depending on the length of the hair and the personal style, but all are perfect. Those women who do not have such long hair can add temporary extensions to achieve an elegant braided ponytail.

Hairstyles with easy braids

These hairstyles can be achieved in a matter of minutes and you will look great without much effort. In addition, they are perfect to fix a bad day of our hair and disguise many defects, and can be used in all hair styles and textures.

You can play with a boho chic style, French braids and pigtails with braided hair.

Three braids come out of your forehead in a semi-precious hairstyle that is really beautiful and that is so easy, that you do it for yourself. So to rehearse it.

African braids

African tresses are one of the most versatile and practical styles of the season. They are easy to achieve and are also low maintenance. They allow us to show off several hairstyles and give us the chance to play and create new ones every day.

Root braids

Hair extensions help you a thousand looks, one of them, braided hair root. If you have very short hair or it is very difficult to comb, this type of option is one of the solutions.

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