15 Hairstyles with flowers to connect with nature


Many of us are lovers of Greek mythology and that is why on this occasion we will use Persephone as an archetype to inspire us in hairstyles with flowers, like a goddess of spring.

Giving our hairstyles a more nostalgic and tender twist is not such a bad idea, so today we wanted to add hairstyles that can be accompanied with natural details or not, but that undoubtedly honor the favorite season of many from us and that can be used just before the summer begins or in a special event that is during the day.

1. Natural leaves between braids

2. A simple bun with a beautiful flower

3. With two common orchids

4. With a small bouquet of flowers

5. Charming!

6. Simple but cute

7. Rapunzel Style from Tangled

8. In a cascade of curls and flowers

9. Some flowers here and there

10. Throughout the collection

11. On a side headband

12. In a low bun

13. Play with the combinations

14. In a tall onion

15. Ideal for girls with a lot of hair


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