+90 Bob Haircut Trends 2019

Bob Haircut Trends 2019

The world of fashion and beauty changes constantly. Few things manage to retain their popularity for more than a few months. However, the bob cut is a notable exception, since it can be updated to adapt to a current trend or to achieve a classic look. People choose this cut because of its easy combing and its beautiful movement when turning its head.

Each of these haircuts can be adapted to a multitude of occasions. With the tips inwards, the bob becomes a very elegant hairstyle for a great event. Lightly disheveled or with soft waves, it is ideal for daily use.

Types of cut Bob

Bob haircuts are some of the most used today, but have you ever wondered what is the difference between all types of bobs ?.

Line A or angled

The term “line A” refers to the perimeter of the hair. It means that the hair is shorter on the back and has a longer front. It does not have layers stacked on the back. It also frames the face and curls gently under the chin.

Cut Bob graduated or inverted

A graduated bob, also known as an inverted bob, is typically the same as an A line, except that it has layers stacked on the back. The back is also more curved (horseshoe shaped) than a line A. The shape of the layers should follow the perimeter angle of the haircut, towards the front. The number of layers used and the length thereof may vary. The layers may be very short or otherwise very short, leaving the neck almost bare. The front is a little shorter than the front of a Bob line A.

Bob Haircut Trends 2019

Asymmetric Bob

An asymmetrical bob can be line A or graduated, but the difference is that one side in the front is longer than the other. This type of bob only looks good when it has a lot of texture. Otherwise, it will look very unfinished and ugly.

Classic Bob or straight

A normal and classic bob has the same length around the whole head and should frame the face slightly under the chin. The lower sections are a little shorter than the upper sections, which causes the hair to curve inward on its own. Of course, it looks better when we iron it. There should not be layers in a typical bob.

Layered Bob

It is essentially the same as a classic bob, but it has many layers, texture and body. In this style many different angles can be used. It can be of any length, but it looks especially elegant when it reaches the chin. This offers a lot of volume and movement.

Long Bob or Lob

It can be any of those mentioned above, but the difference is that it goes beyond the chin, and can reach the shoulders or below them. It is an elegant cut and has a lot of versatility. The long bangs that frame the face are a wonderful addition to this textured style.


This is a fairly new interpretation of the bob cut. You can choose a style that you like in this list, then shave parts of it to give it a special touch.

Bob Cut for each type of face

Bob’s haircuts are classic, elegant and versatile. Not only are they in constant trend, but they change from one season to another, they adopt slight changes with great ease and can be designed in different ways. And as if this were not enough, there is a type of bob for each face shape.

Once you have determined the style that best suits your face type, schedule an appointment with a stylist. Choose photographs with your favorite cut. This step is important, as it helps the stylist to better understand the look you want, and give you the opportunity to make suggestions. A professional knows how to create the most appropriate style for each face.

Face heart

A long bob cut is one of the best for heart-shaped faces. Celebrities such as Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston and supermodel Jourdan Dunn have used different versions of this style. A traditional bob stops at the chin or just below the level of the chin, while the Lob is much longer. This is ideal because it softens the narrowness of the jaw line and accentuates the shoulders. People with this type of face should avoid a shorter bob, as it can create the illusion of a chin too pointed.

It is also worth considering side bangs as they add balance to a broad forehead.

Pear face

If you have a pear shape, then the jaw is wider than the hairline. Think of stars like Kelly Osbourne and Minnie Driver. The long bob may be flattering, but so is a more traditional bob length. The latter creates balance and reduces the width of the jaw.

A bob with a high volume is recommended. This shape can be achieved with a layered cut and the use of styling products. You may also want to add bangs, as it makes the forehead appear wider, which results in a more balanced shape. In terms of hairstyles, curls are an excellent way to disguise a wide jaw, either in tight or loose ringlets.

Oblong or elongated face

This type of face is elongated, longer than wide, and has the lower half more prominent. Some examples include Sarah Jessica Parker, Liv Tyler and Iman. Hair lengths to the chin look great for people with long faces, as they create the illusion of spaciousness. It is important to avoid a bob that is too short or too long since it can make this type of face look longer and disproportionate.

If your forehead is long, choose a bangs too. Create balance by making the face appear shorter than it really is. When it comes to style, waves and curls are essential. They add a much needed width to the face.

Square face

If your face is square, then the main thing is to add softness. A textured razor cut with a stripe on the side is ideal for a less severe look. Something with a lot of movement will create curves and soften the edges of the face. Actresses known as Demi Lovato and Olivia Wilde have this kind of face.

Make sure you ask for a cut that reaches just below the jaw line in a graduated bob style. This will leave hair slightly shorter on the back than on the front. Use cut-off layers along the length to achieve movement.

Rectangular face

Many people confuse types of square and rectangular faces, but they have significant differences. Although both are characterized by a square jaw and a line of hair, the rectangle has a much longer length. If you’re not sure, think of celebrities like Sandra Bullock, Kristen Wiig and Gwyneth Paltrow. The best style to adapt to this form is a medium bob with layers and waves.

Avoid carrying a very short bob or an angular cut if possible, since both accentuate the corners of the face. Preferably choose a bob of medium length with bangs. Bangs gently divided on both sides of the face are an ideal choice for rectangular faces because they create a more rounded shape.

Triangular face

You can see a triangular face in stars like Christina Ricci and Giuliana Rancic. It is characterized by a wider forehead and a very narrow jaw. The ideal is to shake the forehead while softening the appearance of the jaw. The length-to-shoulder bobs create the most flattering silhouette. They mask the natural shape of the jaw by drawing the gaze to the hair around the face instead of the jaw itself.

This cut is not only elegant, but also extremely versatile. It can be used smooth or wavy. In addition, a side bangs is an elegant option for those with wide forehead.

Oval face

The good thing about an oval face type is that it can adapt to innumerable styles. Since the face is in proportion, it is not necessary to create balance but to keep things balanced. Stars like Emma Roberts, Jessica Alba and Megan Fox have this face shape and have played with a variety of hair lengths in recent years. Emma Watson is a celebrity who has used both long and short styles.

When it comes to flattering cuts for oval faces, there are several options to choose from. For example, a bob shaggy (disheveled) line A with many layers. Keep the length above the shoulder but below the line of the jaw. Another flattering haircut is the pixie. This is significantly shorter than the shaggy line A, with more hair on top than on the bottom.

Round face

A slightly longer bob is a suitable option for round faces. This helps to minimize the width of the face and creates the illusion of a thinner form. Full and central bangs are not recommended, as they add width. Another cut that works well is an inverted bob haircut or line A, where the hair is longer at the front and shorter at the back. Avoid the volume on the sides. Kirsten Dunst and Kelly Clarkson have all types of round faces.

You can add a side bangs. When it comes to style, avoid curls as they add an excess of width.

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