Blonde Hair 2024: trendy shades


Let’s discover together all the shades of blonde hair 2024, which color to focus on to liven up your hair.

For those who have lots of ideas in their head or perhaps are already blonde but want to liven up the color with the nuances of the moment, here are the latest hair styling news, with all the trendy shades for blonde hair in 2024.

Get ready to shine with the solar reflections of the warmer or lunar shades of the fantastic cold blondes proposed for this year.

The golden blonde chosen by Ariana Grande among the 2024 blonde hair trends

Golden blonde is not excessively light and is characterized by highlights that tend towards hazelnut, making it very natural and also suitable for those with a medium-dark complexion with a warm undertone.

Despite having a touch of gold, hair of this color is anything but dull or yellowish, on the contrary, it shines brighter than ever.
From every angle they reflect the light appearing brilliant and seductive.

Chosen by Ariana Grande for this new year, golden blonde is a color destined to remain iconic.

The caramel blonde of 2024

What color exactly is caramel blonde?

It is an intense medium-dark blonde, which is well suited to a complexion with a warm undertone.

Its main feature is the luminous reflections that give the sensation of more voluminous hair.

It is perfect for illuminating brown hair using techniques such as degradé and balayage.
But even if you already have natural blonde hair and want to give it a touch of extra warmth and volume, caramel is the perfect blonde to brighten your face.

A blonde halfway between brown and copper, very warm and bright.
Perfect for those with very light skin. Must try, an extremely elegant color.

Dark blonde among the trendy shades of the year

This particular blonde looks good on almost everyone as it is a more neutral shade than gold or caramel blondes.
Being very dark compared to other blondes, it is very similar to brown.

For this reason, it is perfect for brunettes who want to gradually go blonde or simply for those who can’t decide between blonde and brown.

It often happens that dark blonde is mistaken for light brown.

Understandable. After all, there is barely a tone of difference between the two, but they have a totally different composition.
Light brown is in fact obtained by mixing brown and white, while light blond is created by combining yellow and black.

Thanks to its ambiguity between blond and brown, light blond is also loved by many celebrities including Gisele Bündchen, Sarah Jessica Parker, but also Beyoncé, Jennifer Aniston, Kate Moss and Jennifer Lopez.

Let’s move on to the cold shades.

Platinum blonde shades

Among the blonde hair shades for 2024, the iconic and timeless platinum blonde remains trendy. Particularly suitable for those with a cold undertone and want to create eye-catching contrasts.

Let’s not forget that, if necessary, it is also a precious ally for camouflaging the regrowth of white hair.

It has always been much loved on short cuts which it manages to enhance by giving an extra touch of ease, but platinum also has the function of balancing the volumes of the face giving the impression of lightening the hair, which is why it looks great even on very long hair , thick and with an even cut.

Pearly blonde: the hair trend of the year 2024

A few years ago, pearl blonde appeared among the most popular shades and has remained there ever since.

Considered a variant of platinum blonde, it is a very light color, almost white, which like it has reflections that create many shades, but unlike platinum, pearl has hypnotic reflections that range from mother-of-pearl pink to silver grey.

Just as the name suggests, pearl hair dye is extremely elegant.
This blonde is also suitable for those with a cold complexion and want to enhance color contrasts.

It is also among the top choices for brunettes who want to go blonde.

If, however, you are looking for a truly particular color and you love multicolored hair, we suggest peach blonde hair, just like Peach Fuzz, the color of 2024.
A not too challenging way to shake up the classic blonde!

Among all these gorgeous shades of 2024, which is your favorite blonde?


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