The Best Haircuts and Hairstyles for Short Curly Hair 2022

Cuts and hairstyles for short curly hair 2022

Discover the best haircuts for curly and short hair.

If you feel like your long curly locks are weighing you down, why not be brave and give it a try? An undercut curly hairstyle can look very stylish and is totally practical thanks to its limited length and manageability.

Furthermore, short strands are easy to style and surprisingly versatile and as such are an option that all curly-haired women should consider.

From beautiful pixies to bouncy bobs, here are the best easy hairstyles for short curly hair.

Voluminous Curly Pixie Cut

A pixie cut with lots of volume on top gives its wearer a cool retro vibe. Just remember to wear the look with your freshest clothes to avoid looking dated.


The beautiful and tight curls deserve to be shown. As such, they should be worn loose, but beware of the overwhelming effect of too much hair. To combat this problem, opt for a sleek, short Afro cut.

Curls + Shoulder Length Bangs

Does your curly shoulder-length hairstyle need a makeover? You should consider adding bangs for a fresh and contemporary look.

Short curly hair + shaved side

For a fresh, contrasting look, consider shaving one or both sides of your head and leaving a longer length on top. The result will be an impressive explosion of curls.

Curly messy

Can’t decide between a pixie cut and a bob? Why not go down the middle and rock the best of both haircuts in a chic messy crop?


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