The Best Short Haircut Trends Summer 2023


Let’s refresh the look with a new super cool summer 2023 haircut.

Like every year during the warm months, we feel the need for a change of look that brings charm, practicality and freshness. The summer 2023 short haircuts will leave you speechless. They are a mix of originality that will be able to fully enhance your beauty. No styling stress and they look really good at all ages.
To fully enjoy this summer, choose from these irresistible trends:

The Momager crop for summer 2023

Among the short haircuts for this year’s summer, a special place at the top of the list is reserved for the Momager crop. It is a reinterpretation of one of the most popular cuts of the iconic eighties, the favorite of career women who, with their skills, made their way into a purely male-dominated world at the time.

In its new version it has been renamed “Momager crop” as it characterizes the unmistakable look of Kris Jenner, the most famous mother-manager in the world.

The main feature of this haircut is undoubtedly the modular bangs. To be dropped on the forehead or to be modeled with gel for a super cool disheveled effect.

Short haircuts summer 2023: the Elf crop conquers all!

XS lengths and messy locks are the hallmarks of this fairytale cut. It is no coincidence that the elf crop takes its name from the mystical creatures of Norse mythology. This cut inspired by the hairstyles with which the elves were depicted in the ancient illustrations is a mix of practicality, lightness and gives the look a touch of feminine liveliness, all to try.

Is this cut for you?

Yes if you have fine hair. The fantastic Elf crop has an exceptional yield if performed on fine hair, giving an extra volume effect even if the lengths of the hair are very short.

Buzz cut among the latest trends

Even more extreme and audacious, the fantastic Buzz cut. The shaved cut is extremely practical and allows you to fully highlight the beauty of the face and features. The only precaution will be to pass the electric razor as soon as the hair starts to grow back, but in the morning you won’t have to worry about having messy hair and drying your hair after shampooing will really be a walk.

By the way, did you follow the Met gala 2023? The Buzz cut was honored by the American actress Florence Pugh who chose it to debut at the well-known event. The yield was truly extraordinary.

Bixie cut: the hot cut for those looking for absolute originality

What is the Bixie cut? Do you remember the fantastic short cut that marked the era in the nineties? The Bixie is very inspired by that iconic cut, taking up its geometries and transforming it into something unique and absolutely current.
Halfway between a Bob and a Pixie, fringed on the front and longer and scaled on the back.

Thanks to all these scales, it doesn’t need too many touch-ups and you can enjoy this summer without the fear of having to find a hairdresser on vacation.

The perfect summer choice.

Wispy bowl cut for an alternative but classy touch.

For summer 2023, the Wispy bowl cut is one of the most popular. The geometric perfection of the unisex cut par excellence is made iconic by fringes and irregular hems for an effect of movement, liveliness and absolute freshness.

It is at the top of the ranking of the most practical cuts to show off during the warm months and for this year due to its unique characteristics. The strands of hair remain bowl cut-friendly, the classic “bowl” but the soft layering creates a disheveled effect that allows you to skip the crease after shampooing.

And did you know that it’s the best way to enhance curly or wavy hair?


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