Curly or Wavy Haircuts 2019

Curly or wavy haircuts 2019

For those who have curly hair, and often feel tormented and dissatisfied by the image they look and do not know how to handle it in a way that makes them feel beautiful, is that today we present some examples of curly or wavy haircuts 2019 for your control.

We have extracted these examples from the predominant tendencies, and they are perfect so that in this 2019 they can look pretty, making the most of the beauty of curly hair. In all haircuts with curls, it is very important to use layers and scrolls, to remove volume and give definition to the curls.

Curly short hair


Pixies are very short cuts, with many layers, which manages to give a lot of texture to the hair. Curly hair can look great with this type of cuts.

It is a style of hair in layers that looks perfect with curls not too tight or with waves and we recommend it to those who have a soft hair and easy to mold. It is a perfect haircut for women who have a round frame or heart-shaped face, especially when they enjoy very short hair.

Side shaded areas can also be added.

To achieve these incredible waves, it is recommended first of all to give a blow of dry air to smooth the hair, prior to the final hairstyle. Then from the scalp, take strands, wrap them on a curling iron and finally brush them with a thick tooth comb.


The shorter layers are seen on the top of the head, gradually leading to longer layers towards the ends of the hair. In this way the cut helps to add movement when you choose to wear straight hair and relieves the weight when we look curly.

This style is recommended especially for those who have moderately fine hair. In very thick and curly hair, this cut will become voluminous and uncontrollable.

This style is very advantageous for being classic and modern at the same time, giving those who implement it a great practicality.


This type of long cut below the shoulder works especially well for very curly or wavy hair. This type of length is also recommended for women who have a very defined jaw.

Getting this style is very easy, it is recommended to apply foam in the root area and evenly distributed towards the ends of the hair, which is usually very dry in this type of hair. You can use the dryer in diffuser mode, to get to define the curls, although in many cases, it is better to let the hair dry in the air naturally. This depends on your hair type.

It is an appropriate style for those who do not know how to coexist with their curly hair, since this result will be achieved simply by drying the hair with a hairdryer blow, or defining the curls with a curling iron. This helps the hair control the volume by taking the shape of a curl. Once the curl is formed, release it and comb it gently with a wide-tooth comb or with your fingers, to add softness to the hairstyle and break the loop.


This style, with its long layers, manages to remove a little volume thanks to the own weight of the hair, making the square faces look less wide, although it adapts well to all types of faces.

To achieve these hairstyles, start from washing the hair with anti-frizz products. After drying, smoothing and smoothing with a curl product is recommended. Next, start by taking each naturally defined curl, and wrap it around the curling iron. This trick will make it look natural, but with a reduction of frizz.


Very good look for those who wear long hair, very tight curls and even curly hair, where the curls are not defined. They are also an option for high density hair. It makes the hair really radiant, with a natural volume and a lot of movement.

It is a hair that requires great care, but the result is so spectacular that it is worth the sacrifice. The hair should be hydrated, with deep treatments, at least every two weeks. Keep in mind that the natural oil that your scalp produces, is usually not enough to keep your hair hydrated, which is why you need extra hydration. You can apply masks with natural products, since they are economical and very effective. For example, mayonnaise and avocado can be very helpful. The use of olive or coconut oil is also recommended.

It is also important to trim the damaged ends, so that the hair grows stronger. It is recommended to perform this procedure every three months.

And do not neglect the feeding. If your body receives all the nutrients they need, your hair will grow faster and healthier.

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