Chignon: 200 ways to do it, images and tutorials

Chignon: 200 ways to do it, images and tutorials

From messy buns to Brigitte Bardot to elegant formal looks, here are all the most beautiful types of bun, with photos and tutorials to follow step by step!

Chignon is a hairstyle that is obtained by gathering the hair in a knot on the nape of the neck, but not everyone knows that it can be made in many different ways! Tall or short, banana, messy or elegant are just some of the styles.

We have collected many images and ideas with tutorials to learn how to make chignon even if you have little time! It is the perfect hairstyle to be refined, feminine and trendy in a few moves!


The low chignon is the most classic version of this hairstyle and is made on the back of the neck. It is no coincidence that the term “chignon”, which derives from the French, means a bundle of hair gathered or knotted on the back of the neck. Those who prefer English call it “low bun” but what really matters is that it can be done in different and beautiful ways. We can make a soft low bun with simple twists or embellish it with braids and games of knots and more complex weaves. For those with a broad forehead or want to minimize large ears, just leave a few strands free around the face. And for a special occasion, go-ahead for looks with jewel clasps on the neck or with more bon ton floral inserts.


How to make brisk and cheeky day bun hairstyles? The tall 90s-style high bun or top bun on the head is perfect for adding an easy chic accent to the look. We can show it off with the bangs or with the long tuft combed forward to minimize the high forehead. It is also a perfect device to make the cheekbones appear less angular and in particular to enhance the face to the heart. Again we can easily transform the hairstyle into an elegant hairstyle by adding precious brooches and clasps to the mix, or maybe a satin ribbon if we love preppy accents!


Who among us does not have a penchant for braided hairstyles? Romantic and hyper feminine, braids can be combined with hairstyles collected in different ways. For example, the bun can be embellished with a French braid on the head or classic dutch braid on the neck to be connected to the final crop, a perfect look even for a little girl. The looks with a crown braid are very chic but also those with a lateral wheat ear braid, to be combined if we want with a light cotton-crested crest on the head.


Among the hairstyles with chignon, the soft ones are among the most beautiful and appreciated, with a fresh and casual result. High and very loose crops are ideal for making fine hair appear bulkier. For an excellent result, the locks should not be pulled too much, on the contrary, a not too neat aspect is the goal of this hairstyle. We then widen the twists and weaves of our bun and leave several strands free, to be resumed with a curling iron to create soft natural curls that frame the face.


How is chignon made? Here are the most interesting tutorials that teach us how to harvest a crop in a short time at home even if you are not an expert and have little manual skills. We can start by fixing the front locks after making light twists, but we can also start with two tails on the nape. By following the steps step by step we will get lively and feminine looks in a few moves, perfect hairstyles for work, school but also for more elegant occasions, for example a romantic dinner! If you are looking for other ideas, discover all the most beautiful DIY hairstyles in our in-depth analysis with lots of easy photos and tutorials!


For those with curly and wavy hair, the messy effect will be more natural. The high or low bun in this case becomes the perfect way to keep our rebel curls in order without having to pull them too much and therefore ruin their shape. For lovers of boho chic touches, we recommend adding a flower to your hair. But we can also focus on side crops or on more youthful high top buns, from which to leave some strands free to give a more romantic accent to the hairstyle. Have you loved these looks? Take a look at the most beautiful hairstyles for curly hair in our in-depth analysis with lots of images!


Sophisticated and beautiful like Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn, how not to have a penchant for the hairstyle that all the divas of the past have sported? The banana variant is one of the hairstyles that has no comparison from the 1940s to today. It is also known as French Twist or shell bun, and in the past it was fixed with hair nets. How you do it? You have to pull the hair from one side towards the nape, wrap it around yourself like a twist and fix it. We are also talking about a perfect look for ladies in their fifties and sixties, to be done in just a few steps, as the tutorial shows you!


Synonymous with elegance and style like very few other hairstyles, these hairstyles are also among the most chosen bridal hairstyles. The final touch? Crowns and jewel tiaras, or floral circles or clasps in shades of white. But this type of crop is also perfect as a wedding witness hairstyle and in general for guests, especially in the more elaborate variants with more complex twist and decorative braids. Finally, how can you add a sophisticated 1950s touch? A slight ridge cotton on the head cannot be missing!


Little time in the morning to tidy up your hair? Here’s how to make a refined crop in a few minutes without having to be a professional hair stylist! We have selected for you some easy tutorials to obtain a low bun or a slightly more complex crop to be embellished with brooches and lively inserts at your discretion. They are simple and fast hairstyles for medium, short and long hair.


Semi-gathered hairstyles can be easily livened up by a simple tall bun. It is also often sported by men (men’s chignon), known precisely with the name of top knot, more often combined with the lower part of the shaved hair. The female version is a half-harvest that features a bun on the top of the head, also called a half bun, perfect for the nostalgic of the 90s! It is easily made starting from a high tail on the head that we will then roll up on itself. We can also help with a donut elastic to create a more elaborate look, or we can add pigtails and small twists on the top of the head.


If instead we have more time available, then we can indulge ourselves by trying more original and characteristic hairstyles. From those with braids to sophisticated slightly asymmetrical hairstyles with locks that wrap around the base hiding hairpins and elastic bands. We can also opt for particular female hairstyles with single or double spirals and spirals behind the head, to be embellished with colored or metallic inserts. An idea to amaze is the triple chignon!


They call it ballet bun, a sporty crop that is the hairstyle par excellence of ballet dancers. Rhythmic gymnasts and ice skaters are also used. Let’s talk about the variant with perfectly combed and pulled back hair, kept in the fold if we also want with lacquer, gel or other fixing products. It is certainly the most tidy and formal version, ideal for straight hair. But with the right precautions, for example weaves and particular twists, we can obtain a less austere and more casual look, an onion hairstyle in full Parisian style to show off at school or at work every day. This hairstyle can be personalized with rigid headbands or decorated bands transforming it in a few moves into a wedding look.


If we have medium hair, we can achieve a refined crop not too different from those seen so far, with the difference that we will get less desired. But even in this case a bow or some inserts on one side of the bun will be the perfect solution to make the look more refined. Can you make a bun with short hair? Of course, as long as it’s bob hair! We can obtain a very chic harvest effect by rolling the locks behind themselves on the neck, tying them in small tails and making small twists to be fixed with a few bobby pins.


Do you want to experience looks from more cheerful girls? Here are the double buns, also called space buns when they are made on the top of the head, a trend that is popular among influencers! It is a double bun made from a central row and two tails. We can customize them by adding braids to the base or leaving some strands free on the face and even arranging accessories with rhinestones along the central uniform. And for those who love the pigtail style, here are the low buns on the nape of the neck, to liven up even with locks rolled on themselves starting from the forehead.


A donut elastic band is all we need to make a bulky and princely harvest. We just need to start from a tail and take advantage of the shape of the elastic to create a perfectly round bun. We can then customize the look by adding some crown locks rolled around themselves. Or we can join the bun with a Dutch braid on one side to give it a more romantic touch.


Do we dream of showing off a Brigitte Bardot look? It was the legendary B.B. to launch the trend of messy buns in the 1950s, fresh, casual harvests with a lively disheveled fake effect. High or low, lateral, with bangs or with locks to leave free at the base and sides, are DIY hairstyles very easy to make at home. Perfect to show off in spring or summer, for example with a scarf woven into the bun, or with a band to tie in a bow under the harvest! And for a more elegant occasion, we cannot do without headbands and jewel applications to always wear in a crown.

Low or high? French twist or messy bun? Which version best interprets your style among the ones we have shown you? Let us know by leaving a comment!


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