Hairstyles for Short Wavy Hair 2024


Have you wondered how to rock a modern, low-maintenance look with your naturally wavy hair? You are in the right place! Here I present to you the best short hairstyles for wavy hair, perfect for fall 2024. Keep reading to find the inspiration you need!

How to style naturally wavy short hair

For easy-to-comb hair, it is essential to give it proper care. Use products designed for curly hair and follow a specific care routine. Keep your hair nourished and hydrated to control frizz and define your waves. With short hair, you can opt for techniques like diffusing or micro-plopping for better results.

Haircuts and hairstyles for short and wavy hair

The most popular short haircuts for wavy hair include the short bob and the pixie cut. Both offer layers that enhance the texture of wavy hair. If your hair is thick, consider fewer layers to avoid excessive volume.

Short jaw-length bob

This classic bob cut is perfect for wavy hair. Beachy waves give it a light and fun touch that complements any look, whether casual or formal.

Neck-length wavy bob cut

If you prefer a uniform length, this low-maintenance style is ideal. The tousled waves give it a simple but elegant touch that is perfect for everyday wear.

Asymmetrical wavy cut

Give your hair a twist with a shoulder-length bob. You can keep your natural color or add highlights for a brighter effect.

Neck Length Layered Wavy LOB

This layered cut enhances the natural texture of your waves and gives your hair a healthy look. Use products to enhance the shine and bounce in your waves.

Cut with wavy bangs

If you’re looking for a charming, laid-back style, consider a cut with bangs that frame your face with springy waves.

Wavy pixie

Dare with a pixie if you want a more radical change. Make sure to keep your hair hydrated and frizz-free for a flawless result.

With these hairstyles, you will be ready to look fabulous with your short, wavy hair in fall 2024. Don’t hesitate to experiment and find the style you like the most to highlight your natural beauty!


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