Short haircuts winter 2023: 5 feminine cuts in 5 photos.


Here are the new winter 2023 short haircuts. We show you five photos that summarize the trends of the moment without wasting your time.

For short haircuts 2023 we are talking about curly and wavy scaled hair, tufts, pixie cuts and short cuts with bangs. Between modern style and more elegant hair looks, here are the trends chosen by salons for a nice short or very short cut suitable for women with thick and fine hair.

Short winter 2023 haircuts with bangs

The bangs from last summer depopulated everywhere on long, medium and obviously short hair, like and adapt to all hair types. A good example from which to draw inspiration is this under cut with a wild and disheveled style with a parade fringe chosen by the Parisian salons of Intermède. It is a practical and modern women’s haircut that is easy to manage at home.

Short haircuts 2023 smooth

Those with straight and thin hair can draw inspiration from the new short cuts created by the Maniatis Paris hair stylists (for those who don’t know, it’s the haute couture hair salon in Paris). The new short cuts for women are done on dry hair, and enhanced by trendy colors such as bright brown with red undertones.

This is the kind of elegant cut that becomes more modern by changing the styling with a wet look hairdo. Just flip your hair back and use gel.

Short wavy haircuts

Short cuts make life easy for those with wavy hair who don’t want to go to the hairdresser every week. There are several examples from which to draw inspiration, among the best short cuts seen on Instagram the wavy side tuft hairstyle made by Andrew Jose’s London salons stands out.

Short haircuts 2023 scaled

The perfect short cut dedicated to those who want a feminine, elegant and modern hairstyle was created by Salvo Filetti for Compagnia della Bellezza. The Italian hair stylist has created a new type of short cut by combining two different styles and working on new shades in addition to the base color

Very short haircuts

Typical cut that is defined as androgynous or tomboy, in reality even a very short hair has its charm. They can be worn disheveled, wavy smooth or even with a nice long side fringe. In the photo the example of how even a very short haircut becomes feminine.

We have seen together the photos and trends for short haircuts for winter 2023, but before deciding how to cut your hair, remember that the last word always belongs to your trusted hairdresser, also because there are no miracles to lengthen your hair quickly.


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