Long Bob Cut 2023: trends and photos


A long bob, or lob as it’s commonly known, has been dubbed last year’s cut, and it looks set to be in 2023 as well. It’s well-deserved recognition because this style manages to flatter a wide variety of people. of different facial shapes and hair textures.

That is why the lob has become a universal classic. They look beautiful on any texture: straight, wavy, and messy.

It can be styled in a low updo, or lift strands into a kind of semi-collected or high bun. It offers many options and there is always a quick and easy hairstyle that can be done, depending on your hair type.


Slightly short, straight hair, that is, the same length in the back or in the front, is one of the most sophisticated and elegant options, since it emphasizes the sex appeal and beauty of the face. Almost all faces and hair are positively adapted to this type of styling, except those with very curly hair.

Line A

You can also choose the most used cut within the bob in recent seasons, that is, the A cut. This style is shorter at the back than at the front. It can be worn straight, but another of the proposals is to add volume through waves or with a disheveled look, creating a carefree but very modern style.


Asymmetrical cuts are also very popular, that is, they are longer on one side of the face than the other. They are perfect for a casual look and very practical from a time point of view, since you can take a little gel with your hands, shake your hair a little and you will be ready to go out perfectly elegant and stylish.

Straight hair

Straight hair makes our face and shoulders look very feminine and emphasizes the best features of our face. With the help of a flat iron you can achieve this polished and very elegant hairstyle.

Waves or disheveled

If you have curly or wavy hair, the trends also allow you to get the most out of it with a long Bob cut, which will allow you to show off its texture and naturalness in all its splendor. If you have straight hair, you can use a flat iron or a curling iron to achieve this effect.


Cut trends change every few seasons and lob fashion brings us urban, versatile and modern styles. Although not all of its variants go with the different face shapes, there is so much variety that you will surely find one that perfectly accompanies your facial features.

You can go for a layered Bob cut, which is one of the most popular proposals today. You can play with the length and density of the layers, thus achieving various styles.

No layers

This style is only recommended for those with straight hair.

With bangs

Bangs are one of our greatest weapons of seduction, since they allow us to add sensuality to our cuts. They also allow us to hide certain features of our face that we don’t like, such as a wide forehead, a very round face or a scar. That is why we believe that it is always good to be aware of new trends and possibilities.

Long bangs to the side

This style is one that allows us a greater number of possibilities when it comes to styling our hair, since it goes well with both loose and collected hair. These characteristics have made it once again one of the most popular seasons.

Long bangs parted in the middle

This is another possibility to consider.

Straight bangs on the forehead

It can give us a sophisticated and modern image, ideal to accompany from short hair to others of great length.

Short bangs

Also several proposals bet on very short bangs.


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