Long bob: 15 ways to adopt it when you have wavy hair


The long wavy bob is a stylish, practical and very feminine haircut. Also called Lob, the long bob is a longer variation of the short bob and on wavy hair, it offers a trendy and modern look. Want to know the different styles of long squares that will highlight you the most? Discover through our guide, the one that suits you. Let’s go !

What is the long square?

As its name suggests, the long square is the long variation of the classic square. It starts at mid-neck and can even graze the shoulders or tickle the collarbones, explains Damien Boissinot, hairdresser and hair stylist known in the fashion world. To obtain a long bob, the hair is wet or pre-moistened and cut with long-bladed scissors to ensure a straight and clean result. To enhance the cut, you can add bangs and/or a gradient.

The long bob, for whom?

The long bob is suitable for all face shapes. It can flatter long faces by balancing them, round faces by elongating them, and thin faces by giving them more dimension, etc. It’s a timeless classic cut that helps lighten thick hair and add volume to fine hair. The long bob is also suitable for all hair textures, whether straight or curly.

What are the advantages of a long bob?

Need to know more about the long bob before getting started? We’ll tell you more about the benefits of this cut favored by the stars!

Say goodbye to split ends: if your ends are damaged by coloring or heated styling tools, then you need to cut them. A long bob will help you get rid of any damaged ends while still maintaining length.
More dimension and volume: the lob gives more volume to your fine, flattened hair. Opting for a long straight bob will enhance your cut and give you a chic and modern look at the same time.
Beautiful wavy locks in no time: you love your beautiful wavy locks, but can’t stand too long hair? Cut them halfway down and you’ll have the best of both worlds! Soft, subtle wavy locks and more manageable hair.
Shorter hair, but not too much! : the lob is the perfect transition between short and long. So if you have long hair like a rapunzel and you dream of a pixie cut but never dare to take the step. Go through the mid-length box with a transitional bob.
Express styling: there are days like this when you don’t want to do your hair! We just want to wake up and look in the mirror with the hope that our hairstyle remains intact. Well, we’re not going to say that the lob doesn’t require styling at all, but it will save you a lot of time in the morning because it’s very easy to style.

15 ways to wear the long wavy bob in 2024

Long wavy bob with side parting

Want a super-textured hairstyle? Opt for this lob and let your naturally wavy locks do the rest! Versatile and easy to style, this cut will suit you whatever the shape of your face.

Long wavy bob with long bangs

This look is very trendy among young women and can be worn in different ways. Thanks to its light fringe, it offers a soft and feminine style.

Long wavy bob on afro hair

Afro hair looks very beautiful with waves! This long wavy bob will look very pretty on you and will also bring out your pretty face.

Long wavy bob on fine hair

This long bob on wavy hair will help you add volume to your fine hair and give you a simple and elegant look at the same time.

Long wavy bob on thick hair

This haircut is perfect for you if you have thick and wavy hair. As a bonus, this texture will enhance your blonde highlights!

Long wavy tousled bob

If you have fine hair, nothing better than a long, wavy, layered bob to give it volume. Add bangs and a messy effect, and you’re as sexy as ever!

Long wavy square with gradient

With its tousled finish, this wavy lob is sublime. By adding a gradient that frames the face, the hairstyle is more beautiful and your features will be even more highlighted.

Long wavy bob for oval face

Lobs are perfect for oval faces, and it looks even better with a side part. What do you think ?

Long wavy square up to the shoulders

This lob with bangs in the middle helps elongate the features and balance the shape of the face.

Long wavy bob on red hair

To make your beautiful wavy locks shine, nothing better than flamboyant coloring! And for even more texture and finish, opt for a long bob with shaggy bangs.

Long wavy square and curtain bangs

Wavy hair is always a game changer! So if your hairstyle is monotonous, give your locks more wave and add curtain bangs. This long bob is easy to maintain and will allow you to have several hairstyle styles.

Long wavy bob on blonde highlights

Many women would like to have wavy hair! The latter have a texture which gives volume and dimension to the hair, and adapts to many cuts. With a long bob, you will have softened jawline and cheekbones, and you can style your hair as you wish. Hair tied up or down, the choice is yours! You will look feminine and well-groomed every time.

Long wavy shaggy bob

Want a look that is both casual and sexy? Opt for this bob inspired by the 70s. This shaggy lob, which goes down to the collarbone, can be worn shorter depending on your preferences. It can also suit all hair textures and types, but it looks best on naturally textured hair. This bob will suit you no matter the shape of your face, so go for it without hesitation! Blonde highlights like in the image will give it more dimension and volume.

Long wavy tousled bob

The best thing about the updo/down style is that it gives you a chic, modern look without much effort. So if you want to give yourself a carefree bohemian look, this lob is the perfect option for you. Especially if your locks are naturally textured! Use a seawater spray, and you’re ready to go out. You can also style your bob with a braid or a pretty bun.

Long wavy square

If your hair is naturally wavy, use that to your advantage and treat yourself to a cut that brings out its beauty and texture. Use a styling product to subtly define your locks.

Tips for maintaining a long wavy bob

This year, the lob is a “must have” and it is important to know how to style and maintain it. Here’s what to remember:

Choose your long bob based on your hair type and face shape;
If your hair is damaged, use restorative treatments regularly;
Style your hair differently depending on your mood and your plan for the day. Opt for a wavy, feminine style using texturizing mousse and a diffuser, or for an extravagant straight hairstyle by applying a straightening cream and a flat iron;
Refresh your hairstyle every 6 to 8 weeks by making an appointment with your hairdresser.

How to style a long wavy bob?

To style your hairstyle, you can use lots of hair accessories! Tie them up, make braids or a ponytail, there is no shortage of ideas and here are some of them:

Tie a simple scarf around your head for a chic retro style;
Make two pretty flat braids on the upper part of your head with a central parting or a single braid on one of the two sides with a side parting;
Add a pretty barrette or two clips to the back of your head to free up your face. A headband can also be an interesting accessory!
Place several small barrettes on one side of the head, just above the ear for a modern girly look;
Bow-shaped barrettes are also very trendy and glamorous.
You can also try baby buns if you like 70s styles!

How to make a wavy bob?

Whether you have a straight bob with a structured appearance or an original more tapered bob, you need to know how to work your locks for a little wavy effect that gives all its charm to the hairstyle. Here are some tips that will help you achieve this, as explained in Elle magazine:

Use a curling iron or straightener. Flip the latter with your wrist to form semi-circles on one side then another, and create the desired wavy effect. Keep in mind that hot tools can damage your hair, so use them sparingly.
To get wavy locks without heat, create macaroons or braids before bed. By detaching them the next day, your locks will have beautiful waves.
Use setting sprays to keep your waves in place. Opt for lightweight hairsprays that will maintain the shape of your locks without weighing them down.


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