Scaled hair, the new trends of winter

Scaled hair

Scaled, long, medium or short hair. Here are the trend cuts that give volume and movement in these images of the best salons explained one by one.

Hair scaled for winter 2019 2020, but not all scalings are the same. The techniques used by the hairstilyst are in fact different. So we have a mix of extraordinary trends for the new women’s hair cut, ranging from medium to smooth or smooth scaled, to long hair scaled up to the last short fashion cuts with scaled sides.

But it does not end here, there is the bob with hair scaled only inside, as well as new long and mediscal cuts and drawn with a row in the middle and not only. Here are the new photos of the most beautiful scaled cuts of the year, including color.

Long hair scaled with bangs and tuft

The scaling of long hair unites many hairdressers, the new long haircuts are not straight and even, but show mainly hairstyles with a row at the center or side, smooth bangs, tufts, volume at the roots and long hairstyles scaled with waves.

The idea of a long cut scaled with wavy tuft is the one that shows in this photo Mauro Galzignato for Kemon Italia, even the warm blond shade does its part.

A mix & match between past and modern style makes the hairstyle at home natural and manageable. This is the long-scaled cut proposed by Stefano Lorenzi for the Coppola winter 2019 2020 collection.

Untamed hair, wawes and bangs, according to Salvo Filetti, enhance a round or oval face.

A new and at the same time very chic color, it highlights a smooth hairstyle with bangs with a deliberately minimalist style inspired by the 90s. This is the idea of the Framesi salons for the winter Severity collection.

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Medium long climbed cuts in winter 2019 2020

Medium cuts and with lengths that reach the shoulders for the new scaled cut of winter 2019 2020. Also in this case we will see bangs, uncombed, smooth or wavy hair and retro-inspired hairstyles that go to renew the style of brown, blond hair or red.

The scaling of the hair will be more or less accentuated, for example this one in photos on dark brown hair is the medium-long scaled cut with a trendy bangs of the cold season.

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Sculptural cuts, wavy hair inspired by the 1980s, volume and a leading color of the season such as copper red, distinguish the winter 2019 2020 collection by James Hair Fashion Club for WELLA.

The new climbing helmet 2019 2020

The trendy scaled bob ranges from short geometric cuts back and long at the front, to seemingly equal new cuts but paraded inside like the new chin bob. That is the helmet at the height of the chin relaunched by Salvo Filetti.

It is a revisited bob in a glamorous chic version the one in the photo, proposed by the Aldo Coppola salons for the winter 2020.

“There is no single cut, but one for every woman” says Mauro Situra of GoCoppola, and shows it with this new long bob moved by the soft proportions that go to enhance smooth and wavy hair.

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In the middle there are short bob cuts behind and long in front of more accentuated 80s-inspired scales with long full bangs with an irregular unstructured cut, like the one proposed by the French salons of Fabio Salsa.

The carré climbed to the Parisian

A modern reinterpretation of the French cut par excellence that takes its cue from the 30s is that of the Maniatis salons that aim to revive the reverse bob cut with soft scaling. This is a degraded cut on the ends that allows you to vary the style from smooth to rough with a unique la Parisienne style.

The new medium-short climbed bob, always inspired by French presents a cut with a long bangs on the back short and front strands. To wear this cut in addition to a wrinkle-free face, you need a thick head.

The medium cut with a bangs cut

This is the average long climb par excellence. It is a very beautiful medium-long cut scaled with a long side bangs, shorter scaling in front and the lengths behind that touch the shoulders. The cut and the soto color were created by Angelo Seminara for the Davines winter collection.

The rounded bangs and the scaled cut on the sides and short front distinguish this hairstyle that reminds one of the cuts shown by the beautiful actress Sharon Stone.

Medium hair scaled with line 2019 2020

When we think of the medium cut we inevitably speak of bob, lob or carré. This is a type of cut with a lateral line, but which, thanks to its simplicity, offers the opportunity to create different hairstyles. See for example this in photos with inshed tips and light waves.

A cut with a row at the center can be enhanced instead by waves with a natural effect, in addition to the gold-blond color returned to the autumn winter 2019 color trends. The style here is easy, it is a long bob with short strands of hair that is slightly aggressive .

The scaled medium-short cut

Cut new soft scalings and bolder scalings go to renew the new cuts of medium short smooth and wavy hair. We move from the classic with wavy hair to haircuts that draw inspiration from a distant past and are revisited with sartorial skill. Here’s how according to the WELLA hairstylists.

The cut short cut winter 2019 2020

All short haircuts are scaled. Trendy short hairs prefer the side line, tufted bangs, crowns with root volume with unstructured cuts inspired by punk fashions. But to make the difference are long hair cuts behind and short in front with bangs, deliberately disheveled and with an androgynous style such as this by GoCoppola.

A nice short cut scaled with a long tuft bangs accentuates femininity. And this image is a valid demonstration of how a short cut becomes sensual.

Very short bobs and the new versatile short cuts that convey character and personality enhanced by new dyes such as a particular shade of gray, are the tendency to aim to better express your “I” through color and a haircut.

Cut curly hair scaled

The fashion of curly hair continues, and dusts off combs of curly bobbed hair with shiny and neat curls that frame the face. All thanks to a fold obtained with polishing products and a hair curling iron.

However a natural curly haircut and it is not very difficult that it is paro, the curly hair has a soft scaling, and why not, also enlivened by a red shade with tone on tone shades.

These are the most beautiful scaled cuts of winter, there is a type of cut and color suitable for all ages, but if you want to see the new 2020 trends.


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