Short, Medium and Long Haircuts for 2024: How to Wear Them


Androgynous, jaunty and above all low maintenance, the new 2024 haircuts are already very popular among both very young women and women over 50.
In particular, the cuts of the moment are the Pixie Cut and the short bob but there are also many ideas for medium-long hair. Also pay attention to the fringe which is becoming a catchphrase again!

But let’s go in order and discover the hottest haircuts, from the shortest to the longest.

Short Haircuts 2024

Each classic short cut is reinterpreted in an even more micro version, inspired by the 90s, masculine cuts and the desire for practicality to rediscover a new and current femininity.

Pixie and Blunt bob: the top over the top cuts for 2024

The pixie returns as the cut of the year and it is no coincidence. Fresh and jaunty, it is a particular cut that highlights the features of the face, emphasizing its beauty.
The other reason why the pixie remains among the most loved is that it is truly suitable for any age, from teenagers to anta, and manages to express many different styles: it can be punk, but it can also be classy.

Keeping the Pixie company on the podium of short cuts in 2024 is the irresistible bob.

The short bob returns this year in many versions, from the straight cut to the one with meticulous scaling, but above all, it is the lengths that give so much freedom.

We start from bob cuts that reach the neck, up to very short bobs that reach just below the ears.
Among the feminine cuts par excellence, she also remains among the most loved for being so versatile and irresistibly fascinating.

Shaved women’s cuts, the trend of the year

In an era where fashion and haircuts are becoming increasingly genderless, the shaved cut cannot help but be popular.
Born as a men’s cut, today it is also established as a style favored by women who love practicality, comfort and who want to highlight the beauty of their face by expressing a new femininity.

The shaved cut is one of the cuts that require little maintenance and above all, opting for a shaved cut can be an excellent opportunity to “refresh” the health of our hair by literally giving us a clean cut.

They will thus have the opportunity to strengthen themselves during regrowth, especially if treated with specific nourishing products.

Medium haircuts 2024

Medium cuts are the most difficult to manage but give freshness to the look!
This year we dare with a little layering on the ends but pay attention to the volume of the hair. If your hair is not very voluminous, then it is better to make some adjustments to the lengths in moderation.

The “Jellyfish Cut” recalls the shape of the jellyfish. A very fresh, trendy medium cut, ideal for framing a round or oval face.

But how fun is curly hair? They are very 80s and reminiscent of Flash Dance.
Curls are beautiful for both short and medium cuts, to break up the monotony of straight hair!
By the way, do you know that there are new techniques for perming?

Long haircuts 2024

And now let’s move on to cuts for long hair! The Kitty Cut is super elegant and you can never go wrong!

The Butterfly cut will make your hair fly in the wind with every step. This cut is also very reminiscent of the 90s but be careful with styling at home, because you have to work on it a bit.

A cut to try if you have a good amount of hair.
With volume at the root and internal layers, the Inner Layers cut for long hair will make you super charming.

Have you noticed that all the cuts proposed so far have brought the fringe back into fashion? so why not take inspiration from the look of the famous Jane Birkin, from that French style that fascinates us so many..

How to customize cuts

Among the trends of the year, there is that of making the bob even more alive with waves and curls with a natural effect, what you can achieve by letting your hair air dry, so to speak.

In this way, new volumes and reflections are created capable of balancing the proportions of the face and giving this classic cut a whole new personality.

Another eye-catching trend is that of serrated bangs to add a dynamic touch to short cuts. It works exceptionally well for all short cuts, adding a touch of movement to the look.
It involves cutting the fringe, obtaining locks of various lengths to be placed as desired on the forehead to obtain different results that can be customized according to your face.

Finally, let’s talk about volumes. The general rule of short cuts is to create volume at the top of the head. A trick to balance the proportions of the face and make the hair appear thicker, stronger and healthier.


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