Wild Gradient Square Cut: 12 Ideas for Trendy Hairstyles in 2024


Among the trendiest hairstyles this year, we have the wild layered bob. Also called Hacked Bob, this hair style emphasizes naturally styled hair and unstructured locks, to give you a look that is both relaxed and modern. Who is this cut suitable for, how to maintain and style it? We take stock of this cut that is all the rage in 2024. And for more inspiration, here are hairstyle ideas to adopt this rebellious look.

The wild gradient square: what is it?

This bob with gradient highlights at different heights appeals to women with its many advantages. Indeed, the latter is practical, easy to style and offers you a modern look in no time. With its tousled style with an unkempt effect, it requires little maintenance and is suitable for all face shapes. Devoid of geometric lines, this irregular, rebellious and light cut lives up to its name and allows the most casual women to display a charismatic and unique appearance.

The wild gradient square cut, for whom?

  • If your face is diamond shaped and you have very high cheekbones, the wild layered square cut will help you make them appear less voluminous.
  • This haircut minimizes the roundness of the face (if it goes below the chin).
  • This bob can also help you hide a broad forehead, thanks to the addition of curtain bangs or a long lock on the front of the head.
  • If you have monochrome brown or black hair, this bob will give it more dimension.
  • If you have hair dyed blonde or with honey highlights, your bob will give you a fresh and modern look.

12 versions of the wild gradient square cut fashionable in 2024

Wild gradient short square

Here, the square is slightly gradient in the back and frames the face perfectly. Giving more volume to the hair, this modern cut flatters facial features.

Wavy wild gradient square

For this bob, the volume and movement are amplified thanks to a carefully worked gradient which highlights the hair. See how beautiful and shiny these wavy locks look.

Wild curly gradient square cut

The shorter you cut your hair, the bouncier and more vibrant your curls will be. Add a gradient and bring out the best in your curly hair.

Wild Gradient Bob with Curtain Bangs

This short and shaggy bob is very elegant, but with the curtain bangs, it is sublime! The latter gives it a timeless retro chic side that we never tire of.

Textured wild gradient square cut

Here is a haircut that does not lack panache and style. Here, the hairdresser played with texture by giving free rein to the strands and their lightly styled ends towards the outside.

Wild gradient square on fine hair

This cut is suitable for fine hair. To recreate this style, use a texturizing product and opt for finger styling instead of using a comb to preserve the natural curvature of your locks. And if you want even more volume, treat yourself to a subtle balayage which will give more depth to your hairstyle.

Wild gradient bob on thick hair

Thick hair looks dense and heavy. But when you degrade them, you can change the whole situation. For this model we have lots of texture and volume, but the hairstyle remains light and airy.

Diving wild gradient square

This plunging bob is fabulous and what makes it so special is its gradient with an unstructured effect. Whether you have thin or thick hair, this messy style will suit you perfectly.

Wild Blonde Gradient Lob

What do you think of this long layered bob on blonde hair? These light strands that skim the shoulders add texture to the hairstyle and give it all its charm. Add the rebellious touch of unmatched tips, and voila!

Wild Gradient Bob with Side Bangs

The combination between the wild gradient, the long side bangs and the copper highlights gives a harmonious and attractive result. Don’t you think?

Modern wild gradient square hairstyle

In the past, the hair backcombing technique was used to add volume to the hair while hiding the messy strands with other smooth strands on top. But today, we no longer hide anything, because the disordered and imperfect coupes are fine as they are.

Wild gradient square with ombré hair

Here is for you a magnificent wavy brown blonde bob that will highlight your beautiful bouncy locks. Thanks to its ombré hair, this hairstyle will give you a very attractive natural look.

How to maintain the wild gradient square cut?

  • Generally speaking, this cut requires a trip to the hairdresser every two months.
  • You can leave your hair untouched even longer if you want to experiment with other aspects of this cut, explains Rodrigo Cintra, hairstylist and co-host of the show “Esquadrão da Moda,” on SBT. It is therefore possible to go up to four months without refreshing this hairstyle. Over time, it will transform into a long bob, just as beautiful.

How to style the wild gradient square cut?

  • First of all, make sure you entrust your hair to a professional who will know how to use scissors to give you a wild layered bob cut worthy of the name. Your hair should therefore have a voluminous appearance.
  • This versatile hairstyle can be styled with a curling iron or curlers to achieve the desired tousled, relaxed effect.
  • Add a little texture spray to the roots and lengths of your hair while scrunching the ends and lifting them up to the roots with your hands.
  • Draw a central or side parting, depending on your desires!
  • You can also wear your hair like actress Lucy Boynton and model Kaia Gerber by styling one side forward and the other side behind the ear.


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