Beach hairstyles 2024: Easy and practical


Are you looking for quick and easy hairstyles, perfect for hot days? We show you the best beach hairstyles for women ideal for summer and being comfortable, fresh and fashionable.

The summer heat and humidity in many places is intense and you probably need to lift your hair to stay cooler.

These summer beach hairstyles are very practical for every day. Basically, you’ll get all that hair off your face, neck, and back while still looking really cute.

High tail beach hairstyle

When it comes to enjoying a day at the beach, finding the perfect easy hairstyle is essential to maintaining comfort, freshness and, of course, style. An excellent choice is the high ponytail with a touch of waves and tousled, which is not only easy to create, but also looks spectacular.

Simply gather your hair into a high ponytail at the crown of your head and secure with an elastic band. To achieve that effortless look, you can gently pull a few strands of hair around your face and neck, creating a relaxed and casual style.

If you want an extra touch of elegance, you can wrap a strand of hair around the elastic band to hide it.

An advantage of this hairstyle is that your hair will stay in place throughout the day, meaning you won’t have to worry about constantly readjusting it and you can fully enjoy your day at the beach.

Beach Hairstyle with Top Knot

The top knot, also known as a bun, is a beach hairstyle for long hair that is perfect for enjoying days at the beach or pool, especially when the wind is present. This style is easy to achieve and adapts perfectly to any beach look.

One of the main advantages of this hairstyle is its practicality, as it keeps your hair in place, even in windy conditions. It is very easy to create and gives you an elegant and casual look without the effort.

Beach Hairstyle with Low Knot

If you are looking for a simple and uncomplicated hairstyle for your days at the beach, a low and casual bun is an exceptional choice. This style looks especially good when worn under a baseball cap, creating a casual and sporty look.

In addition to being easy to do, this hairstyle is extremely practical for your days at the beach, since it will keep your hair away from your face, allowing you to enjoy the sea breeze without worrying about constantly touching up your hairstyle.

Beach hairstyle with braids

While you’re enjoying the sun and the beach, a braid is an excellent idea. In addition to being practical, it is also a very summery style that combines perfectly with any bikini.

There are several types of braids for going to the beach, but one of the most popular is the side braid. If you want an even more clean and casual look, you can gently loosen the braid to create a looser, more relaxed look.

Another braid alternative is the Dutch braid, this style is a little more difficult to do, but the result is a beautiful and elegant braid that is perfect for an afternoon at the beach.

In addition to being a practical and summery hairstyle, a braid is also a great way to protect your hair from the sun and sea salt. If you want to add an extra touch of style to your braid, you can add some hair accessories such as ribbons, flowers or headbands.


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