The medium haircuts trends winter 2019 2020: 9 Here you have not seen yet


Scaled, medium-long, bangs, smooth, rough or bobsled the 2020 medium cuts are designed for all face shapes. You just have to look at the pictures to choose the haircut that best fits the shape of your face.

Here you have a selection of the best Italian and French salons with new ideas that will be useful to you to look at what are the medium length fashion cuts for the 2019 2020 season.

Medium scaled Cuts 2019 2020, the average long

Medium-scaled hair is the cut that best summarizes the fashion trends of the year. The scalings can be inspired by the 80s or 90s, more or less bold but the trend prefers medium-length cuts that increase the volume of the foliage. For example, a medium cut with a bangs of fashion is the idea of French hairdressers for a new head enhanced by warm colors and shades.

On the other hand, a soft bob with bangs and spikes upwards like this mid-length cut proposed by Fabio Salsa and enhanced by shades of honey-blonde dye on a dark blond base is softened.

A medium-long climb with a side bangs and wavy wavy hair thanks to a nice fold, it is highlighted by this red vintage style from the Parisian salons of La Bioesthetique.

Cuts with more modern scaling and with a curtain bangs can easily fit even a fine hair. And if well made like this shag hair by Anh Co Tran, they give volume as well as showing a very trendy cut created by one of the celebrity hair stylists.

Medium cuts: the new winter 2020 bob cuts

Revisited according to the hair stylists in different versions, a bob cut also depends on the type of hair we have as well as the shape of the face, however if we want to talk about a French cut, then we have to look at how the best hairdressers in Paris interpret the style of a medium-short hair for French women. Here you have an example of how medium-short hair becomes an elegant hairstyle thanks to an artfully folded with wavy hair on the side.

The same type of cut allows you a styling variant like this very parisienne smooth bob.

“Style, however, prevails over fashion,” says Salvo Filetti. Here’s how a fine hair can be transformed and enhanced thanks to medium-short cuts and a new hairstyle that is very easy to keep at home. The color with copper shades follows the mood of the “Back to Real” collection which aims to enhance the natural beauty.

More trendy, in line with the combination of fashion and music, the 2020 medium cuts created by Stefano Lorenzi for Aldo Coppola stand out for their simple and sophisticated elegance.

How to choose the right medium cut according to the shape of the face

Given that only the hairdresser can give you the right directions, the basic rules for choosing a type of medium-length cut like these that we have illustrated are the following:

A medium cut on the sides can help slim a round face. An elongated face also benefits from cuts with a frayed bangs, while a square face shape can be associated with a voluminous haircut that softens the facial features.


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