Curly and Wavy Hair 2019 2020: 9 Cut colors for a talking head

Curly and wavy hair 2019 2020

Are you looking for the new cuts for curly hair, curly and wavy winter 2019 2020 but you haven’t found the one best suited to your face yet? Look at these pictures.

Curly hair: we have new images to show you for unruly hair! You will find those for medium-long and short tresses and where you can choose between new hairstyles with disheveled hair, curls, unruly curls, wawes or simply a beautiful haircut.

They are all hairstyles that thanks to a good cut and a new color, besides the right products dictate the 9 tendencies wavy and curly hair. Try to discover among these new images the most suitable for you among the haircut trends for women 2019 2020.

Medium curly hair winter 2019 2020

Ringlets with a scaled cut inspired by the 70s, for this head-moving head and hair enriched with honey-blond nuances proposed by the Intermedè French salons.

Always climbed this curly bob inspired by the hairstyles of the 80s and enhanced by shades of copper blond created by the salons of Fabio Salsa. To keep the hair shiny, a brand polishing spray was used here.

Wavy Hair long and medium long wavy

Between a wavy or curly hairstyle in the middle we find those wavy on medium cut or long hair with light scaling. Ideal for those who have already moved hair, the trendy wavy hairstyles for 2020 make it very good on new hair colors like this pearly blond with pastel pink locks.

The waves natural effect on long cut with soft scaling and reflections just as natural tone on tone make this proposal of Salvo Filetti glamorous and chic. The advantage of this cut and color? It knows no seasonality.

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Although the 2020 curly and wavy hair trends prefer medium to medium length cuts, there is no lack of long, curly and coiffed hairstyles that give the charm of long hair. Beautiful for example these long wavy curly hair, made with the big curling iron and then brushed with the head downwards. But what makes the difference here is the Titian blond monochrome color.

The deliberately disheveled natural style highlighted by iridescent shades, enhances the hairstyles and colors offered by the Wella Art Hair Studio for winter 2020.

Blond with a color made with Strike4XL to obtain an intense result in just a few minutes, the romantic style proposed by Framesi combines the modern trend thanks to the full and smooth bangs.

Short wavy curly hair

There are several short cuts with hair-like tops for 2020, ranging from hair with ringlets to those with a disheveled modern carré cut to get to the scaled hair moved with disheveled bangs and paraded like this in photos of the GoCoppola salons.

Freedom, movement and a retro cut revisited in a modern key, in addition to a new monochromatic and intense coloring, enhance a head with fine hair in this new proposal created by the hairstylists of WELLA MITÙ.

Now you know what are new trends in curly and wavy wavy hair, but let’s not stop here we could for example propose you to look at all the new trends on our Website where you will find all the latest cuts and trendy colors.


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