Short haircuts scaled 2019 2020: 5 new ideas for the head

Short haircuts 2020

The new short haircuts for women for the 2019 2020 season. Take your inspiration from here for your look according to the trends of the season.

Fascinating feminine, practical and glamorous, the new short haircuts 2019 2020 highlight the eyes, increase the volume if you have fine hair, while they change your look if you are over 40 years old.

From short to medium cut, scaled here you will find images of the best 2020 fashion haircuts chosen for you by the salons that dictate trends.

Short haircuts 2019 2020, the new trends

Smooth short hair scaled

A scaled short cut, with a bangs on the side allows you to vary the hairstyle depending on how old you are, and also highlights the strengths of the shape of the face by hiding small defects. A new color like this blond glow with shades, complete your new look.

Very short haircuts do not go out of fashion, but offer different variations in hairstyles. You can choose between the new pixie cut or “under cut”, or the garçonne bangs cut that remains an evergreen for some hairdressers in Paris. However, the short fashion hairstyle for winter sees the return of the long tufted bangs covering the forehead. For example, this Jim Morrison cut is the current trend.

The new average shortcuts winter 2019 2020

The medium short may be a degraded helmet as it may be a review of the Mullet cut enhanced by colored locks on the foliage.

This cut is ideal to renew the look with a trendy 80s-inspired hairstyle and is suitable for a young face as well as a mature face. The advantage of this hairstyle is twofold, you can have a new look, while at the same time you can style your hair. Even with short hair, you can make beautiful hairstyles for occasions.

Cut wavy hair

If you have natural wavy hair you are lucky, if you have them smooth and you want them moved and you want hair in order then the haircut by the hairdresser is a must. However you will see many heads with short hair moves with deliberately broken bangs, which soften and enhance the face, thus breaking the patterns of an overly graphic or geometric cut.

Trendy hair colors for short cut

We all agree that the fashion color of the year 2019 is red, but it does not look good at all and here the best salons launch dyes and shades with various processing techniques to meet the needs of different women.

Among the new dyes you will find the honey-blonde, the warm coppery nuances that go to illuminate the chestnut hair, as well as the new shades of warm or cold blond. But don’t forget that natural brown hair does not go out of fashion. It will be a dark brown or a warmer dye, what counts is the shiny effect that the hairdresser can give to your hair.

We gave you 5 trendy ideas for a short haircut scaled according to new hair stylist trends, for young and mature women. But if you want to see other images you can look at our website that offers you the latest news on cuts and colors.


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