2020 Hair Fashion: Trendy Cuts and Colors

2020 hair fashion

If you are looking for some ideas to renew your look and the haircuts that will be in trend in 2020, then do not miss this insight, because we will discover together the trendiest looks of this year.

The question is: what should we expect from 2020?

This year there will be a great return of scaled hair, perfect for any length and suitable for everyone. Scaled hair combines with different hair types, they are sensual on long cuts while more cheeky on short ones.

Deciding to scale long hair is an excellent method to refresh your look without distorting it and above all without saying goodbye to the lengths. It is a simple choice and at the same time it satisfies a bit all, you can opt for “soft scaling” up to the more asymmetrical ones, a little more difficult to manage at home but which certainly give a bit of grit to the look.

Let’s find out all the 2020 hair fashion trends

As we have just seen together, scaled hair will be the great protagonists of 2020.

But what are the most fashionable hairstyles with a scaled cut?

An example of the trend is certainly the return to scaled hair of the 70s, a style that will return to the great and will be able to give volume even to basic hair that is not bulky.

It is a hair cutting technique suitable for everyone, but above all a way to experiment with a new hairstyle without having to change your cut. For those who do not feel like climbing too much, it is possible to opt for a scaled hair only in the front with frayed locks. A perfect technique to frame the face and above all to highlight the features and cheekbones.

Haircuts in fashion in 2020

In addition to scaled hair, the “Inverted bob” cut, which is a captivating technique that combines short hair (behind) with longer hair (in front), will be very fashionable. Definitely, a decidedly more original choice than a traditional scaled cut.

The inverted bob is cheeky, fresh and above all it is a real novelty. Among the fashion victims who already show off this look we find the super trendy Khloé Kardashian.

Short fashion haircuts

The inverted bob is perfect for short hair, ideal for both curly and smooth hair. It is a technique capable of enhancing the features of the face and above all highlighting the oval of the face and neck. A cut to hazard and at the same time appear bold and fashionable. Recommended for those who love to experiment and those who feel comfortable with lengths over the shoulder.

Medium fashion haircuts

As for medium haircuts, the inverted bob can be adapted especially to this length. So even in this case it is perfect. It is particularly recommended if we want to streamline a round face and create a nice play of volumes between the front and back of your hair.

Hair colors in fashion in 2020

As for the hair colors of 2020, there will be a great return to natural colors and shades. A way to emphasize any shade but above all to give character to the features of the face and make the hair unique.

Surely, there will be a return to blondes rich in nuances and brown hair with licorice tones.

The best choice is to always opt for a color that is comfortable with your complexion and that is able to emphasize the face. A way to get a deeper look and to frame the face until it becomes the absolute protagonist.

Blonde hair

What will be the most requested colors of 2020?

Among the most popular colors we find:

  • Golden blond;
  • Ice blonde color;
  • Blonde with silver tones, very cold.

Among these colors, ice blonde with silvery shades is recommended for those with a particularly clear face.

Brown hair

As for brown hair, they are recommended with color shades:

  • Blueberry;
  • Licorice;
  • Ebony;
  • Marron glace.

Thanks to their intense shades it is possible to highlight dark faces and emphasize the color of the eyes.

In short, as regards the color, the keywords of 2020 are undoubtedly “brightness” and “naturalness”.

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And have you already chosen your look for 2020?

Let us know in the comments if you prefer a cut cut to Charlie’s Angels or if you will opt for an Inverted bob like Khloé Kardashian.


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