Semi-permanent tint: everything you need to know

Semi-permanent tint

The semi-permanent tint allows you to change hair color in a soft way, do you want to know more? Find out all the details in this article

The latest trends push us to want an always new look and in step with fashion, and thus encourage us to often change style not only in clothing but also in make-up and hairstyle.

As well as the stars, who change hair color every time they appear on social media and in newspapers, every fashionista has tried at least once to change her look with bright or pastel colors, to be combined with the outfit for a special outing, following seasonal palettes or trends dictated by some influencers.

This is the ideal case in which, in order not to have bad surprises or run into drastic and definitive choices, the semi-permanent color is used more and more often, which ensures an excellent quality result but does not force a total change of your look, allowing you to return in a few weeks to your base color… and then, why not, change again according to the trends!

Semi-permanent tint: why choose it and advantages

The main advantage of using a semi-permanent color to dye your hair is the short duration in time (about 8 weeks), after which the hair will gradually return to its base color with each shampoo.

Often, however, this treatment is also chosen for reasons of sensitivity to the ingredients of the traditional tint, they are often aggressive on the skin, such as the ammonia component.

The semi-permanent tint instead contains a chemical factor called color activator, also present in several traditional shades, but in a weakened version.

The lack of ammonia also makes it less aggressive on the scalp and reduces unwanted effects such as itching, burning and allergies.

Semi-permanent colors can also be used as reflective: for example, after a permanent coloring or a discoloration, if you want to keep the color intact until the next coloration, to revive it if a little off or to move a flat color, adding fascinating reflections Tone on tone.

Another common use of semi-permanent hair dye is to cover white hair, especially at the beginning, when it is very few and you are not yet ready for a definitive coloring. The semi-permanent coloring gives way to get used to the gesture of applying the tint, to the effect of seeing oneself with a new color or with reflections, without instilling too much fear of a radical change.

Semi-permanent tint: what to watch out for

The semi-permanent color allows us to change our look as we please and for this reason it is also very appreciated by the very young, curious and looking for novelties. Although the formulas of these products are increasingly refined and delicate, they are often used excessively and too frequently at the expense of hair health.

In fact, by subjecting the hair to repeated stress, you could not only have results that are less and less satisfactory, but also in the long run bring permanent damage to the hair, especially if you combine the colors with other chemical treatments, such as permanents and straightening, with the consequence , for example, having to cut them because they are too damaged. Better to be careful even during pregnancy.

The advice is to wait a few weeks between one color and another, to give the hair time to “rest” and to regularly use emollient products such as conditioners and masks to strengthen and nourish your precious hair.


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