Hair Colors 2020: Trends to Change Look

Hair Colors 2020: Trends to Change Look

Discovering the hottest 2020 hair colors!

The new year arrives which will certainly bring many good news and so why not start by renewing the look with a new hair color!

All the trendy 2020 hair colors to renew the look

Goodbye shatush (for some time now) but hair with natural colors has also bored a little. There is a desire for shades, to make the hair shine with new shades and reflections, which are blonde, brown or black.

Here are all the trends to follow …

The 2020 trends for blonde hair

Among the 2020 hair colors, cold blondes have been the most trendy for a few seasons but the blond White Chocolate Mocha, a rich version of the blond color, is becoming increasingly popular.

Although we are all looking for ash blonde, a bit for children, white chocolate mocha is a brilliant variation of vanilla blonde, which is somewhat reminiscent of a white chocolate milkshake with a touch of coffee and quiet … it does not make you fat !.

It is a cold blonde but enriched with some warm shades. A perfect bright color both in summer and in winter.

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Brown hair: desire for reflections

If we have been talking about natural hair for a long time, the new trend of 2020 hair colors focuses on hair rich in reflections: from blond to smokey gold to rose brown!

Let’s start with Smokey Gold, a blonde shaded with cold ash tones but with roots between hazelnut and toffee.

Suitable for both those starting from a blonde base and a dark base, it is a reinvention of balayage that uses the addition of cold and intense strands on a lighter background.

Tired of the usual brown? if you really want to experience something new, the Brown Brown has been in trend for some seasons, a brown with pink shades.

Very suitable for young girls and why not, a flash of creativity and lightness at all ages.

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Dark hair

And the super blackberries? What a fascination for dark hair but also in this case there is a need for a little reflexes, maybe only on the tips with a touch of Dark Chocolate!

All ready to change your look!


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