Bob and carré 2020: 7 new smooth and wavy cuts

Bob 2020

Bob and carrè smooth and choppy also in 2020 because the medium length likes it, it is good for everyone and offers a solution for women of all ages. Photos of the new trendy bob cuts.

Bob and carrè are the medium cuts that can be declined in several ways, the choice is always based on the type of hair we have in addition to the shape of our face. Once you have chosen the type of cut and fold, here’s how yoke and bob together with the right color transform long hair.

Sometimes the choice of the carré also counts the years, for example the bob with full fringe and more suitable for a young face, but this is not always the case. Just think of Anna Wintour who despite her 70 years always wears a bob with fringe.

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The proposals of the best salons on the bob cut range from the paro cut to the chin bob, to scaled and medium wavy cuts like the blunt cut of Karlie Kloss ideal for a fine hair, but with the risk of having all the same hairstyle.

Here are the best ideas and photos for the new bob 2020 cuts

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Smooth bob climbed

The version proposed by many hairstilyst is not only that of the chin bob, but there are more modern cuts paraded that distance themselves from the classic yoke and give movement to straight hair precisely by virtue of the type of cut. Here is one of the best examples.

The medium smooth cut with studied scaling can highlight a brown hair, but above all give volume to the hair while allowing you to vary the styiling with more cheeky hairstyles.

The choppy bob cut

Many medium haircuts can be worn straight or wavy, depending on the styling and the type of hair we have. However, slightly wavy locks continue to be among the spring summer 2020 fashion hair trends. A nice medium youth cut suitable for a mature face is this in the photo.

Youthful, scaled and deliberately disheveled, the medium cut of Monica Coppola stands out like all the haircuts that come out of Aldo Coppola’s salons.

The French loin

The typical Parisian hairstyle is constantly seen and revised by the various French salons. There are hair from the length that reaches the shoulders and yoke designed for a woman who wants to stand out with a smooth fold with a minimal style side line with deliberately asymmetrical tips.

All the charm of Parisian hair emerges in Margossian’s proposals. For a head like this you need a nice thick hair that keeps the styling perfect.

And finally, the trend of the bob and yoke as you have seen is destined to continue, you just have to choose the most suitable cut for us. But if you want to see all the new cuts, take a peek on our website.


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