Reverse Balayage: High Shatush is the 2020 Hair Trend

Reverse Balayage: High Shatush is the 2020 Hair Trend

What is the reverese balayage and why is the hair trend of 2020? Let’s start by understanding what “reverse balayage” means …

This is a technique that, unlike the traditional balayage that goes to lighten the lengths leaving the roots dark, does the exact opposite. In a nutshell, the reverse balayage goes to darken the lengths or ends, leaving the lighter shades at the base. Definitely, a much more risky technique and with a less natural effect than the classic lightening.

The hair is literally colored on the contrary, a real trend that would seem to have conquered the stars of the moment. For 2020 the reverse balayage represents a look to focus on if we want to be trendy and cool.

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Reverse balayage: how to choose the shade

How can we choose the right shade for us?

The first step is to identify the nuance from which we want to start up to the darker one. In this way you can program the tones that will go in the middle and that will create the reverse balayage effect. It is a technique that must be studied calmly in order to obtain the best possible result.

It is very useful to study your complexion and understand how much you can push with color. Only after understanding which colors to use, we can obtain a result that highlights the face, the features and our natural tones. The color of your complexion is very important for determining the reverse balayage, in order to create a more or less dramatic effect.

A color that looks good on hair of any length, the important thing is that they are scaled in order to emphasize the nuances. For reverse balayage, a nice geometric cut or, in any case, a cut that enhances the various tones can also be suggested.

To whom it gives and the advantages

Let’s start by saying that reverse balayage is good for everyone! The important thing is to opt for shades that highlight the face and especially your natural colors. Whether you are blonde or brunette you can create a reverse balayage tailored and designed according to your needs.

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Obviously, relying on professionals in the sector is the best way to obtain an optimal and satisfactory result. In addition to natural colors, it is also possible to opt for over colors such as shades of blue, pink or even red.

In addition to being the technique of the moment, reverse balayage is characterized by several advantages, including:

  • Regrowth will be noticed much less;
  • It is a simple color to maintain;
  • The hair appears immediately fuller and fuller on the lengths;
  • The hair is less brittle on the tips;
  • You can emphasize the color with always different hairstyles.

Half pony-tayl and reverse balayage

A hairstyle to try with reverse balayage is definitely the much loved half pony-tayl. A hairstyle so loved by the stars and able to enhance any color and type of hair. The half-tail is ideal if we want to show off and highlight our new look, a way to emphasize it and get noticed.

In this way you can immediately look cooler with the color and hairstyle of the moment! A way to go back to the 90s but with an absolutely contemporary and innovative style and technique! A simple and quick look to highlight the face and at the same time show off a new and original hair.

In short, this “reverse color” is definitely a technique that will accompany us throughout 2020, ideal for standing out from the crowd and keeping up with the times.

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