2020 Haircuts in Fashion: Beautiful and Easy to Manage

2020 Haircuts in Fashion: Beautiful and Easy to Manage

The coolest 2020 haircuts: the new hair styling trends

Want a change of look? A haircut is always a good idea to renew yourself, but you must also be careful not to upset it too much.

Choosing a haircut is not easy at all and hair stylists sometimes go their own way, but saying to the hairdresser “do it yourself” is a bit like doing bungee jumping without elastic!

So let’s go in order starting from the 2020 hair trends and then choose the right cut, which is also easily manageable at home.

70s inspiration for 2020 haircuts

Generally speaking, among the trends of the 2020 haircuts, there is a great return to the 70s fashion, so get ready for medium cuts, long bangs, tufts and especially the volume! Enough with smooth and flat hair, but slightly frayed with cuts a little more wild with a touch of rock.

Voluminous hair is back in fashion to emphasize the cut

Great return also for super voluminous hair, if you like the look of Farrah Fawcett with “multilayer hair”. Needless to say, you have to be very good at home with a brush and hairdryer.

But now without exaggerating, here are some inspirations to choose the right hairstyle and according to the trends of 2020.

Haircuts 2020: we focus on the Bob

The bob is the most popular haircut of 2020. It is a cut that gained popularity in the 60s and returns to the big one this year.

Why is bob so loved? because it is elegant, easy to manage at home and that never goes out of style.

It can be worn with the lateral line, or in the center if you have a perfect oval.

In winter it is managed with the plate for perfect smoothness, in summer it is very nice even with a wet effect.

The bob looks like a classic choice, but in reality it is a cut suitable for everyone and perfect for those who want to always have their hair in order.

If you choose the bob, very important is also the hair color that must be full and well cared for, whether it is blonde or dark.

“Scalato Shag” for 2020 haircuts

For the more aggressive or those who love less bon ton hair, modern shag can be a good choice. This cut is also retro, typical of the 70s and 80s super rock.

The shag gives a very modern and gritty look and is to be achieved with multiple levels both in cut and color, perhaps playing on the lighter tips.

It is an easy cut to carry and manage at home, but just use volumizing products and work wisely on a disheveled look.

In 2020, medium haircuts will be all the rage

The real protagonists of 2020 will certainly be the medium cuts, a bit unkempt and under the shoulders. The important thing, however, is to create a little movement, accompanying the shape of the face with a slight downward scaling.

Also in this case, focus on color, with few shades but with full colors, just the base to be left a little darker in the case of the central line.

The trends for the bangs

I am first a great lover of the bangs that I have been wearing for years, and then I prefer the bob.

Having said that, the bangs will never go out of fashion, especially because it makes the look refined and emphasizes the look, but there are different types of bangs to be made and by 2020 the trendiest are the Itty Bitty or long bangs on the eyes.

Itty Bitty Bangs

The Itty Bitty bangs is basically a frayed bang, suitable for those with a high forehead and want a rock look. Perfect for the very young, frankly a little less for the ladies, unless you want to impress the very young with style shots.

Absolutely to wear with unkempt hair (always with obvious art!) And maybe with a gritty look.

Long bangs on the eyes

For lovers of the most classic bangs, it is also your time but with a long bangs up to the eyes, also in this case with a rock touch.

Be careful though! this type of long bangs emphasizes the nose and cheekbones, so it is better for those with long faces. The rule for the perfect bangs is to test to see if it really accentuates the best features of the features.

Short, chic and sassy 2020 haircuts

What charm short hair and what grit they give to the look!

But a short cut must be artfully made and in spite of what you think, short cuts must be treated more than long ones.

If you really want to change your look, then cut without half measures, choosing almost a unisex cut to manage at home with products and gels.

Prefer short and straight hair

An easy and chic cut, it is short and straight hair with a real star look!

Of course there is a need for well-defined features and above all never go out without makeup!

Short hair gives freshness and expresses character, do not choose to make an extreme short haircut for a matter of practicality, but only to emphasize your personality.

Long and fluffy 2020 haircuts

For many years we have seen Mortisia-style straight and very long hair raging. Instead, the time has come to give volume to long hair, make it fluffy at best, even with curls and almost with a “curtain effect” on the face.

On long hair braids, braids and hair accessories

Still on long hair, 2020 will also be the year of accessories !.

From hairstyles with particular braids to accessories, such as headbands, wipers, of course not forgetting the headbands, loved by some seasons. We will know how to have fun.

Curly haircuts will become popular in 2020

Let’s close with another 2020 trend that will appeal to many: curly hair! since they were no longer in fashion but curly hair returns to the fore, as well as the permanent.

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The basis, however, is natural hair, so if you have them curly or wavy, leave them free playing the styling.

In short, the new haircuts 2020 make us feel more beautiful but above all they free our wild soul!


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