Animal, leopard, spotted hair: new fashion!

Animal, leopard, spotted hair: new fashion!

Leopard or spotted? Animal hair is the hottest trend of the moment! Here are the most beautiful and original looks to try

The animal hair trend is becoming increasingly popular among the proposals of international hairstylists! Exotic reflections, scratchy games of sharp color contrasts, we find out more about the hottest hair trend of the moment!

Animal Hair Trend

Always linked in the collective imagination to the 80s, the animalier entered the world of fashion in reality already at the end of the 40s and has never stopped being re-proposed and revisited later, until today. Zebra, leopard and tiger patterns often come back on the scene in the clothing and accessories collections, but the animal print adapted also to hair is not a real novelty! In 1998 Annalisa Minetti participated in Sanremo with a leopard print lock, while the American rapper Nicki Minaj showed off an animal lock in the video of the song “Fly”.

A few years ago animal hair made its way onto famous catwalks such as that of Jean Paul Gaultier in the form of leopard skin effect designs to be obtained with colored sprays, but this year is a whole different story! The spotted tufts conquer the scene in the most eccentric hairlooks, with original colors and unexpected touches!

Spotted hair

Spots of almost tone-on-tone color as in Steven Smart’s proposal, color contrasts in warm shades of red and green on a black base, blonde locks with warm jungle-style reflections, the animal print inspired looks are the hottest diktat of the season!

Huub Eysink’s creativity is expressed through long animalier hair enlivened along the entire length by shades of green, blue and sunny yellow on a dark brown base. How to give a gritty touch to a copper red bob? With a spotted lock from the platinum base!

Leopard and Animalier Haircuts

What are the cuts that best enhance the new leopard hair trend? Hairdressers with a penchant for punk chic touches rewarded asymmetrical, fashioned and highly scaled looks, as well as androgynous à la garçonne cuts with evident shaves and long contrasting locks.

For those who prefer to limit excesses, there are long haircuts on par with characteristic short bangs and more classic scaled ones. An idea not to be underestimated? A hairstyle gathered with animal spots obtained with a coloring spray or chalks, the perfect look for a trendy party!

What do you think of the new animal hair trend? In or out? To try or forget? Let us know by leaving a comment!


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