Central or lateral hairline: here’s what to choose

Lateral hairline

What to choose between central or lateral hairline? Much depends on the shape of your face and the type of hair. Find out below how to choose it

Did it ever happen to you, looking in the mirror, to think it was time to change the line of hair? It is something that happens to many women, especially to those who want to renew their look a little, but fear the net change that a pair of scissors and a hairstylist too fancy can make.

However, even with the change of the line it is better to be careful, because moving from the central line to the side line, or even just moving it from right to left, completely changes your appearance, perhaps more than one color or a cut.

The first piece of advice is to understand which line would suit you: of course, the one you always brought as a child may seem like the only one to take into consideration, however there are some “theoretical rules” that will help you discover if you are a girl from row to center or from row to side.

Such as? Based on the shape of your face.

How to choose the line

The most common theory to choose the line is in fact to adapt it to the shape of the face: no face is the same as another, and it is difficult to fit 100% in a definition, but the important thing is to identify the characteristic trait.

Four facial shapes can be distinguished:

  • Oval
  • by heart
  • round
  • angular and elongated

However, both the founder of the Paris salon Innè Guillaume Fernandes and the famous hairdresser of the stars Jean Louis David advise to respect above all the trend of the hair: if your hair tends to bend to the right, it is better not to force them with an extreme lateral line from the opposite side, but favor them for a more natural and soft effect. Again, if you have sparse hair, it is better to prefer the middle row and avoid leaving one side of your head “empty”, while if you have curly hair you may find it difficult to make a precise line.

Row in the middle or row in the middle?

When it comes to the line, the most fortunate are women with an oval or heart-shaped face (roundish with a slightly elongated and pointed chin): they are fine for every type of hair line. It’s up to you to decide whether to opt for the one in the middle or for the side – and here too you always ask yourself which side to take it!

Riga in the middle: who’s okay

The line in the middle is perhaps the type of hair line most feared by women: it tends to highlight the peculiarities of the face and, consequently, also the possible defects. In fact, the middle row indicates symmetry and balance, distributing the attention of the beholder over the whole face, especially enhancing the cheekbones.

Furthermore, to quote Salvo Filetti, hair stylist from L’Oréal Professionel, an expert on hair trends, “creates a slim effect”, adapting to round and somewhat chubby faces, helping to wear them out. Especially for the very young, the slightly wavy hair with the middle line gives the face a more mature air, but without weighing it down excessively with a mature woman’s hairstyle.

Side row: who’s okay

The side row is softer instead, it tends to soften the features and give movement to the hair: it is perfect for women with pronounced cheekbones or sharp and slightly androgynous faces. Indeed, just the irregularity of the tuft enhances the irregularities of the face, which in this case become a quality and certainly not a defect.


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