7 new scaled haircuts that hide wrinkles

Scaled haircuts

A haircut that rejuvenates the face and hides some wrinkles? Yup! We offer seven scaled haircuts to try.

Can a haircut rejuvenate the face? Depending on the type of cut, it can certainly hide wrinkles and improve your appearance. If you have decided to change your look to show fewer years than you have, here are seven images of scaled cuts and catwalks that help you choose.

It is possible to hide wrinkles thanks to a new type of scaled cut, as long as you choose the hairstyle that best suits the shape of your face with the hairdresser, without wearing the convex for bangs more suited to a young face.

Medium haircuts scaled with bangs

The medium haircut is the trend of the year and we have already written it several times, but among these we must choose the one that can hide those nasty forehead wrinkles that no foundation can mask. This degrade cut of the Margossian French salons is the trendiest of the year, as you can see we are talking about a very youthful hairstyle.

Hair 2019, the scaled cuts

Something similar has been proposed by WELLA for the MITU collection, here to make the difference are also the dark red locks that highlight a dark brown hair. However it is a hairstyle and a modern color that if you do not take away your own ten years, you get closer.

The scaled bob

If instead you are a bob lover then you have to look at the trends of the best Italian hairdressers. Despite the French carré remains a myth, the paro cut is not suitable for all, but bobs climbed starting from the salons of Aldo Coppola over the years we have seen. Look at this beautiful cut created by Monica Coppola, it is modern today, it brings out the eyes and hides the wrinkles on the forehead, as well as giving you a natural look that is easy to handle at home.

It seems paro but it is not. This medium haircut with a bangs of ideal side for a fine hair, is the work of the good Salvo Filetti. Here the hairstyle is enhanced by a new color: “shaded and warm blond, with platinum and caramel accents” According to the Italian hairstylist, this is the blond trend for 2020.

Medium short and short cuts 2019 2020

If you like medium-short hairstyles that are ordered but always contribute to concealing facial blemishes, then this tufted cut created by the Elgon art team is for you. Of course a new color like this copper hair does its part.

The bangs that hides the wrinkles of the face

The curtain bangs you see in this picture helps you hide the wrinkles that often form on the forehead even when you are young. However this type of cut is suitable for those who love a modern classic style and bon ton.

A mix between androgynous style and femininity characterize this type of medium-short youthful cut proposed by the Aldo Coppola salons for the winter 2020 collection. Easy to manage this short scaled hairstyle is among the newest of the season.

And finally, do you want a demonstration of how a well-made cut and color helps you hide facial wrinkles? Here is the perfect cut and color for those who have passed the door, Stefano Lorenzi did it for Aldo Coppola.

We gave you some ideas for trendy cuts that help you change your look and help rejuvenate a face, dyes, shades and all the fashion cuts of the season.


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