Hair, chin bob or long bob to rejuvenate the face?


Chin bob hair: a trendy cut, but how does it enhance the face? Look at these images for a comparison between the chin bob and other cuts of winter 2019 2020.

Is it true that chin bob is good for all ages? It’s not for sure. Here are the images to choose from depending on how old you are and the type of hair you have, and which show the difference between a bob at chin height and a long bob.

Chin bob, the trendy cut

In Italy, Salvo Filetti has revived him. We are talking about a helmet apparently paro to give volume to the hair but in reality it is slipped inside. It is a nice cut enhanced by a kind of glow blond. Here we see it on a wavy hair and side row. Who’s all right? Hard to say, only the hairdresser can give a serious answer.

Inevitably French style instead, for this medium-short carré cut to the height of the chin with a side stripe and long tuft created by the salons of Maniatis Paris.

The long bob

The smooth and long bob under the chin knows no crisis, you can see it everywhere. It is a manageable easy cut that allows you to collect hair and vary styling. Enhances a young face and thick hair. Here is the example of Angelo Seminara for Davines.

The long asymmetrical bob

The opposite of chin bob is the asymmetrical cut, for example like this on a platinum blonde head. But even in this case we are faced with a type of cut that goes well with a face without wrinkles.

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Long bob the cut that takes you away a few years

The slightly scaled long bob created by Cris Appleton for Jennifer Lopez, besides being a trendy cut for winter, is a type of hairstyle that can rejuvenate a face and enhance a fine hair. Beautiful also the color that highlights the complexion of the singer in addition to the hairstyle with long tuft.

The advantage of a medium-long type of cut like that of Lopez is that it allows you to vary the styling, for example you can switch from smooth to rough to glamorous trendy hairstyles like this created by the Margossian French salons.

And finally what kind of cut do you choose to rejuvenate the face the chin bob or the long bob? A good hairstylist realizes the cut according to the shape of the client’s face, and maybe discover that the cut most suitable for you is not the bob but the scaled one.


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