What will be the hair color trends of 2019?

hair color trends of 2019

The color of the hair 2019 is a mix of lightheartedness and style, ideal to give new freshness to your hairstyle: here are the most trendy proposals

2019 is a promising year full of lightheartedness and style: the color of the hair for 2019 will in fact be a great protagonist, giving glamor to every woman. Whether it is a bright or shaded color, such as the Living Coral Pantone 2019, what counts is distinguishing itself, enhancing its personality: here are the most trendy shades and shades.

Hair Color 2019: what are the most glamorous proposals

The great hairstylist have already decided to show what the new hair color trends will be for the winter of 2019. An explosive concentrate of lightness and sensuality, to show off with pride and style.

Here are the shades and shades to try:

  • you can not start with Pantone’s Living Coral, an explosive concentrate of creativity and carefree, ideal to show off with any type of cut, long, medium or short. This color is indicated for those who have a fair complexion and eyes between blue and green: the final result is absolutely unforgettable and gives a punk style as a true diva;
  • a color that is confirmed again this year, having a great success, is the black raven, ideal for those who have a dark spirit and very suitable to give character to the clearest carnations. There is no shade or reflection for this nuance that pays homage to the beautiful foliage of the Far East, but lends itself well to the glass effect of the glass hair;
  • the new cold season 2019 will be warmed by the return of red, a color that is still defined as a niche, but definitely of great effect, as shown by some great Hollywood actresses like Julianne Moore and Susan Sarandon. In addition to the classic amaranth red, do not forget the wonderful glossy reflections with coppery, warm or even gently orange tones. For those who prefer a more decisive color, you can opt for a classic red, but with mahogany shades;
  • another proposal much appreciated by Hollywood stars is the strawberry blonde, a very hot and intense blonde. Thanks to the coppery nuances, more trendy than ever, this color is very versatile and enhances perfectly those people who have a golden complexion;
  • remaining on the subject of blond, we can not fail to mention the famous baby blonde as the hair color for 2019, which is an even colder version of the historic platinum. This nuance is perfect for those who choose a short and super disheveled hairstyle like the shag bob, proposing a super sexy androgynous look;
  • finally, long life to the chocolate brown, with soft and warm reflections, which fits very well to any dark-skinned woman, giving a touch of sensuality with timeless charm.

The color of hair for winter 2019 must fully reflect the personality of those who show off, creating a perfect mix of elegance and glamor. Whether it is a deep pink, a raven black or a colder blonde, the secret is to choose the color best suited to your cut and to your complexion: according to the most famous hairstylists of the moment you do not have to be afraid to dare and play with new contrasts, experimenting with new and unforgettable looks.


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