8 Small changes in your hair that will make you wonder: ‘But what did you do ?!

changes in your hair

This is one of the many truths that children will never understand about women and our permanent obsession with our hair: the constant need for renewal. For girls who have short hair the thing is a little easier; renewing the cut often gives them a certain air of freshness. But those who have half a mane or long hair can see us stuck in the routine.

How to renew long hair without losing it? With that question in mind, we consult the advice of the experts and elaborate this practical guide that will help you to obtain a new style without using the scissors.

Change your color slightly by a lighter shade

A lighter or darker tone to your hair as you wish. Just avoid discoloration to the extreme because you could damage it.

Dare to use a balayage

In shades ombre, gray, colors or as you like.

Give it more permanent volume

A permanent is the indicated option if you want to make a drastic change to your look. Get it with the help of a professional.

Straightening with keratin

Keratin is a protein that naturally nourishes and rebuilds all types of hair.

Learn how to make a different hairstyle that you have never tried

Change your usual look; You can do something that does not involve products on your hair, but links and broaches.

A straight crop with machine

It sounds basic, but changing the end of your tips with a totally straight crop will change your look completely, even more if you wear it straight.

Bet for bangs!

According to experts, the bangs is left to all kinds of faces, plus it will make you look younger.

Change the side line for a while

This is the simplest, practical, easy and cheap trick you’ll find. If you use your line in the middle do it on the side or if you do it on the left try to the right.


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