Short Pixie Haircuts for Women

short pixie haircuts for women

If you are the outgoing type of a woman or needs a change on your hair, then go for a pixie. Below are five most beautiful pixie haircuts that you would love.

1.Versatile Pixie

It has plenty of movement and texture to cater for an edgy look. It accentuates a balanced face shape. This is a great option for you if you struggle with time and styling. When it comes to styling, blow drying helps in direction and movement. Some texture or styling cream is added to make the hair shiny.

2.Ageless and effortless

This style caters for all ages and needs low maintenance. It looks good on all face shapes. The best thing about this cut is versatility, can be spiked or worn sleek.

3.Trendy pixie

If you are a very busy woman, then this is for you. It needs low maintenance and easy to style. The cut looks awesome on oval and heart-face shapes.

4.Simple pixie

This is a simple cut which requires a light shampoo and conditioner to maintain the style. A soft bangs around the hairline complements a feminine look.

5.Strawberry shortcake

This is a soft undercut. The back and sides are shorter than the other parts. The best face shapes for this style are the heart and oval shapes. It should be noted that this look can be achieved with less styling.


Make a choice on one of these amazing haircuts that suits your face shape and stand out to be the most glamorous woman.


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