Hair Frosting: the new hair trend that promises to dethrone balayage

Hair Frosting, the new hair trend that promises to dethrone balayage

2022 has already made its entrance and with it, the new hair trends that we were waiting for. One of them is Hair Frosting, the promising technique that prevails over balayage for achieving a fresh, innovative and subtle result.

So if you are looking to renew yourself, without going too far, and give your appearance a touch of freshness, Hair Frosting is the perfect option for you.

What is Hair Frosting?

Hair Frosting is a modern take on the ombré look, created in London by Stuart Marsh, expert colourist at the prestigious Taylor Taylor London salon. His technique is slightly different from balayage in that it involves bleaching individual strands of hair a cool shade of blonde from root to tip, leaving adjoining darker strands untouched. The lightened strands fall very delicately among the darker ones, similar to how frost settles on trees, hence the name “hair frosting”.

Its greatest exponent is Hailey Bieber, but more and more famous do not resist wearing this new technique, such is the case of Margot Robbie and Halle Berry. They are certainly doing great.

How is hair frosting different from balayage?

Balayage is possibly the biggest hair color movement of the last decade. But there is a big difference between this and Frosting. Stuart explains:

Although they are techniques to lighten hair that do not involve dyeing each strand with the same color, frosting provides a more delicate and subtle effect.

Balayage is a kind of “sweeping” technique, whereby the hair is lightened in larger sections. Contrary to the warm tones used in the balayage technique, Frosting uses light cool blonde tones to contrast the darker base color.

According to its creator, it is easier to maintain, as it is designed to harmonize the natural tone of the hair, providing a truly smooth and multidimensional result.

Does it work on all hair types and textures?

Hair Frosting is carried out according to the natural fall of your hair or the way you prefer. The center parting is ideal, as the cool blonde tones will frame and amplify your hair color and accentuate your face. Plus, it goes great with all hair types and textures, as long as you stick to your aftercare routine.

The technique can be used on hair of any texture, including curly or wavy hair. If your hair is curly, in the days leading up to your salon appointment, just make sure to condition your hair, as this will help retain moisture and keep it healthy after bleaching.

How to explain the technique to your stylist?

If you plan to try this beauty trend, be sure to gather plenty of reference photos before you go to your professional stylist, as it is a very recent technique that is just beginning. Ask her to add “cool tones” that contrast with your darker base shade, and explain that you’d like a more muted effect than traditional foil highlights.

Remember that what you are looking for is to achieve a delicate softness to obtain a multifaceted finish as a result.


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