Youthful haircuts: photos and ideas for a feminine cut

Youthful haircuts

New medium-sized haircuts, medium, short or scaled, but very feminine. Look at the pictures to choose a cut and color suitable for rejuvenating your face.

It is not a facelift, but a nice cut and color transform a face and take away a few years. There are so many types of new juvenile cuts among these that are more suited to the type of hair that with the passing of the years sometimes become thinner and those more just for a face that changes and becomes mature.

To give you a contribution and ideas we have chosen the best photos that show how youthful and feminine haircuts and a new color change the face.

Medium youth cuts

Medium, short, long bob and scaled hair will be your allies to change style. Choosing between the three types of cut will be the job of the hairdresser, but in the meantime you can get ideas. There are short bobs with graphic cuts that cover part of the face with an important bangs and a very bon ton style, like this one created by the Elgon team that focuses on the shade of red.

Other types of medium cuts instead prefer the movement of scaling and hair with bangs. A good example is this hairstyle created by Monica Coppola. It is a glamorous chic cut suitable for a fine hair enhanced by a beautiful nuance of nuanced blond.

Of bobs and helmets among the new medium cuts we have seen so many of them smooth and wavy, but this is one of the best reinterpretations of the new French yoke. wants to keep a medium length and has thick hair.

Always inspired by Paris, this natural wavy bob. The short bangs shows a cheeky touch while the locks with red shades stand out in the dark hair of this cut and made of Davines salons.

A cut done well, however, does not undergo the trends of fashion, it is enough to give every now and again a cut and a touch to the color. This, for example, is a new type of hairstyle from the shorter ones behind, and besides giving volume it is characterized by a youthful cut with longer locks in front.

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Short youth cuts

The short cut has the advantage of being practical, but it must be done in a workmanlike manner to reinvigorate a hair up and rejuvenate a mature face. Here’s how according to Salvo Filetti.

Very trendy is cool are all the longest scaled back shorts that allow you to vary the styling or even tie your hair. For example, this scaled cut Di VOG Coiffeur is rather modern as the type of cut and color. Ideal to be managed at home and for a woman who loves a gritty style.

It softens the features and from the body to the thin hair a type of medium-short cut like this made by Stefano Lorenzi for Aldo Coppola.

Wisps, back hair sent back or behind the ears, for the new trends women 2020 short cuts are a mix between masculine and feminine style that exalt the timeless elegance of a mature face and sensuality.

We showed you the latest hair fashion trends, discover the latest news in terms of colors and youthful cuts on our website.


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