Wicks of Color 2019: Photos and Fashion Ideas


Hair with colored wicks is still one of the big fashion trends, and this 2019, if you want to look renewed and have a new look, you can bet on a lot of colors. You do not have to complicate with the choice, because you can opt for some splashes of color in some subtle Californian wicks.

But of course, if you want a more radical change, you can choose to intersperse the color of your natural hair with colorful highlights, and that they are the predominant ones in the hair. Below we will show you some ideas that can inspire you to choose the best for you.

Blue wicks

The wicks that are contrasted with the natural color of your hair like the ones in the image above, can give luminosity to your face and refresh your image, they make you look trendy but they also look very elegant.

It does not matter if you have a long mane or short hair, the wicks have that advantage that you can make them in any length of hair, straight hair or wavy hair and they will look equally good.

Wicks of green color

Wicks in pink or lilac

Young girls are those who most enjoy the new trends of wicks in colors. The most colorful hair, is what this season and you do not have to be shy, if you are an outgoing teenager you can choose a bicolor dye, some wicks in red and others in pink, which are some of the colors that go to 2019 fashion.

You can wear wicks in the bangs, in all the hair in loose strands or you can opt for the California wicks putting a lot of color to the hair like in this case in which the wicks illuminate the long hair.

But if you are a older girl, you work and you must maintain a certain air of elegance and formality, do not give up the wicks in a lacy mane to the maximum with zoned strands.

Wicks in red tones

Wicks in various colors

If you are one of those who choose to look different, who are not afraid to join the most innovative trends, you can bet on wicks of various colors, in vibrant tones such as red, blue or green you can. But you can also opt for wicks of various shades in pastel, adopting the opal trend.

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