Wicks for Short Hair 2019


For 2019, trends in hair make a strong inclination toward wicks. You can choose different styles to look super modern and sexy this year, even wicks for short hair.

In this new season we offer a wide range of styles and colors in what we refer to hair. Those who are bored with the look they wear, may opt for some of these styles, taking into account the color that best suits the skin tone.

In golden tones

The hair has become the main accessory, and the wicks in golden tones can bring luminosity, volume and a lot of elegance. This type of styling is perfect for all skin types.

From the honey tones to the platinum blond, and with different densities, be it ombre, sombre or babylights, the options are many and varied.

Remember at all times to give yourself a space for the care of the health of your hair, since the dyes sometimes dry out a little.

This technique of dyeing offers the possibility of improving a brown, blonde or black hair, with a flash of color and lights.

In copper tones

Wicks are a great option when we look for a change of look that enhances the natural beauty of our hair. If we take into account our natural color, the texture of our hair, color of complexion and facial features, we can achieve a hair with lighter strands that illuminate and light our hair and face.

Copper wicks are perfect for darker or brown hair.

They give our hair a natural look and, contrary to a homogeneous dye, it can not damage our hair at all. The technology in hairdressing products is so advanced that we can undoubtedly find perfect colored wicks for each one of us.


If instead they want to look a lot more daring, bright colors like blue, violet or red will give them that charm.

Coloring the hair is fashionable, but not only the colors that we always know that are very attractive, now also takes many colorful wicks. There is a variety of dominant colors such as pink or lilac, which are positioned as the most popular and you can choose between several tones.

Blond wicks in all the hair combined with a wick in colors such as pink and green, is one of the trends that have imposed some of our favorite stars and which have already been added a lot of young people mainly.

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