Why do hair discoloration only from the hairdresser

Why do hair discoloration only from the hairdresser

Hair discoloration is a technique that must be performed only by expert hands to avoid ruining the hair irreparably. Here’s everything you need to know

Hair discoloration is a process that puts stress on our hair. For this reason, especially afterwards, it is important to activate targeted treatments to make the hair healthy and strong.

Why not do the discoloration at home

The discoloration of the hair alters their structure going to oxidize the melanin, or the pigment that colors them. A procedure of this type, evidently, is invasive for our hair. The reason lies in the fact that the hair is “attacked” by chemicals that modify them in terms of composition and elasticity. This means that hair bleaching must be performed professionally, relying on experts who know how to treat our type of hair. After, once at home, the hair should be taken care of to allow it to recover what the discoloration has damaged. That’s how.

The specific discoloration for each hair

With the discoloration, substances such as hydrogen peroxide and bleaches based on hydrogen peroxide are applied to the hair. The hydrogen peroxide plays a very important role and, in fact, its gradation varies according to the desired result. 20-volume products can be used on already light or thin hair.

The discoloration of black or thick hair, however, requires much greater concentrations, up to 40. To affect, therefore, is also the starting structure of the hair and the final result required. All aspects that only the professional is able to evaluate, verifying the reaction that happens gradually on our hair.

Cures in post-discoloration

If to bleach hair, we must rely on the hands of a good hairdresser, for the work that remains to be done later, we are the protagonists. There are anti-sun products that prevent the hair from turning on warm and orange tones. In addition, on the market, there are masks and balms that go to hydrate the bleached hair, preventing them becoming stubborn. With the discoloration we have ensured bright hair ready to accept even extreme colors such as pink or ice white. Our duty then becomes to cuddle them so as to restore their elasticity and initial softness.

Beware of the most common errors

The hairstylists remind us that many of the damages we cause on our hair are made almost daily. They derive from wrong drying and overly firm folds. On bleached hair these indications become crucial to try to repair what the discoloration has caused.

It is important, therefore, to dry the hair well with the towel, dabbing them and removing as much water as possible. At this point the hair dryer should be used at low temperature to not damage the hair already weakened by discoloration. The plate should be passed carefully, avoiding to insist too many times on the same lock.

The treatments that make the difference

The hair discoloration we need to prepare them for the headache we have always dreamed of realizing. Who, maybe as a brunette, did not want, at least once, to be blonde? The discoloration helps us to do all this. It is an invasive process, however, because it uses aggressive substances with which to achieve even the discoloration of dyed hair. This is why you need both the skill of the hairdresser first, and our care day after day.

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