Who is the bangs good for? That’s why try it absolutely

Who is the bangs good for

Who is the bangs good for? It depends on some factors such as face shape and hair type: let’s find out all of them

The one with the bangs is the most loved, hated, desired and always discussed cut: there are those who try it and do not leave it anymore, while those who have not yet taken the big step want to understand whether it is a cut suited to their shape face.

But the question remains only one, who is really well?

Bangs: who gives and for whom is it better to avoid this style detail?

In the past, the bangs has been linked to specific styles and haircuts like the “bob”, the bob, even long, or the carré, but today we know that everyone can try and carry it with ease. It can be round or straight, parade or full, tufted or heart, even, tidy and impeccable, or “dentelée”, slightly irregular and a bit ‘messy as suggested by the latest trends.

If open or lateral, then, the bangs can feel good at all: the ways of wearing it are countless and you only have to choose your “model”, considering your characteristics and relying on the advice and care of an expert hair stylist.

Choose the bangs based on the shape of the face

Starting from the shape of the face, you can evaluate different types of bangs that donate to each face, just as you would do with the most suitable cut for your hair. After all, it is a straight line that is added to the face and therefore modifies the perception of some of its parts: for example, the bangs is an excellent solution for those with a long face, helps to resize a high forehead, covering a part, and at the same time make a small front appear wider.

The bangs also gives a more squared face, softening the most marked traits. It is instead widespread opinion that the bangs is not good for those who have a round and plump face: well this myth is to be debunked. Just bring the parade bangs to give movement to the cut and study the proportions to take advantage of the corrective effect of this hairstyle.

All the shapes of the face can accommodate the bangs , the important thing is to make sure that the hairstyle frames the face in a soft and enveloping way, harmonizing the elements and making its shape as much as possible oval.

Another part of the body to be evaluated to choose the right bangs is the nose: it does not give exclusively to those who have small and delicate, but often it is also good for those with an important nose. It is also perfect for emphasizing details such as eyes and cheekbones.

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The right length of the bangs

The length of the bangs is another aspect to consider:

  • a short bangs is good for those with thin hair, to avoid excessive volume and maintenance difficulties;
  • a long bangs, especially if with a tuft and a parade, will be more suitable and manageable for bigger and bulky hair, in fact it grows quickly and frames the face.,

If instead you follow fashion and you want at all costs to try out the latest trends in style, here is the latest scream in bangs: it is no longer a time of monolithic, full bangs, which cover the face and the forehead, the new the bangs is the border.

Launched in the 60s by the legendary Brigitte Bardot, it has become a distinctive trait. It is a cut similar to the heart bangs, but a bit ‘longer and scaled, vintage style and romantic. Its strong point is that being open at the center leaves the face uncovered and frames it gently, so the bangs curtain is good for everyone.

Finally a frangetta with a soft, sensual and playful shape at the same time, which softens the marked traits and envelops the chubby faces, and has a not inconsiderable advantage: it can be worn with natural hair, so you do not have to worry about combing flawlessly. or ironing the hair with the plate, risking to ruin it.

It does not matter if you have an oval face, squared or round, if you have straight hair or a cut for curly hair, if your cut is even or scaled: the bangs curtain is good for every woman, it emphasizes the face, whatever both his style, adapts to different looks and moments of the day.

In short, you just have to try it and feel beautiful giving yourself a new cut!


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