Who is good for short men with a tuft?

Who is good for short men with a tuft

Among the different cuts a man can make, there is also the short one with the tuft. It is a particular cut, here is who is well and how to wear it

It is not only women who periodically want to give their hair a different look! Even men, for their part, often feel the desire to see themselves improved when they look at their reflection in the mirror.

One way to exalt one’s figure is – for man – to give himself a new haircut. Why, for example, do you not take the tuft into consideration?

A nice short haircut with a longer tuft is versatile and at the same time stylish but – unfortunately – it is not suitable for all types of faces.

Find out here who’s doing it and how to wear it with ease!

Short man cut: origins

To rediscover the origins of this masculine style so much in vogue in recent years, we have to follow the timeline back to the eighteenth century, when pompadour hair was extremely fashionable. Although the name derives from the homonymous Madame, the outfit has been adopted and adapted in particular by men, who have virilized it in a decidedly neat cut: short on the sides of the head and on the nape, longer and combed backwards tuft that starts from the forehead.

The historical moment in which this hair has seen its limelight was the 50s / 60s of the last century when – complicit the emerging youth culture, skinny jeans and rock ‘n roll – the tuft has made its way with arrogance on the heads of the young people then more visible. In reference to the period, we cannot help but think of characters like Elvis Presley, who has made his own personal stylistic signature of exaggerated tuft with glitter.

Who is this cut suitable for?

Today the tufted male hair is no longer exaggerated as it was then; the hair appears more moderate, short, without the need to be supported and made shiny by liters of lacquer and gel. The keyword is naturalness: the tuft must give the man who has chosen to wear it that cured but at the same time slightly “rebellious” air, of a man who wants to dare not conforming to the mass.

There are endless ways to wear this haircut and the most suitable outfit has to be studied at the desk with a hairdresser who is expert in the subject: only a true image expert will be able to give you all the advice you need to personalize your cut with tuft , so that it harmonizes perfectly with the shape of your face.

It must be said, unfortunately, that this is not a cut suitable for everyone: the heads tending to a round or oval shape may not be enhanced by the lack of a straight hairline, which would drastically penalize the shape and appearance of the tuft and would give the whole face an excessively long look.

Different speech for all those men (the majority) who are characterized by a squared or rectangular head shape, with pronounced cheekbones and jaw: it is to them that this cut gives it particularly, because it is able to highlight and highlight the features angular of the face.

How to wear the cut with tuft?

Depending on the shape of your face, your head and the presence or absence of the beard, the male hair with tuft can be declined in multiple variants.

Among the many variations, there are two that in particular are the masters: the one that presents the nuance and the dry one.

The shaded cut is the most difficult to make, because it requires the professional considerable technical skill and precision. It consists in creating a continuous pattern of hair cutting (shading, in fact) between the sides and the nape – short – and the tuft – long -.
The dry cut, on the other hand, does not present scaling, but a clear break between the almost shaved areas of the head and the tuft: definitely more daring hair.

If you feel the need for a breath of fresh air, then this kind of hair can only inspire you!


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