What is keratin hair treatment?

What is keratin hair treatment?

The keratin treatment is perfect for frizzy, dry and brittle hair. If you want to try it, here’s all there is to know, including risks

The keratin treatment is part of the treatments to get your hair back in shape after the summer.
Hairdressers and hair stylists offer this treatment to bring back beauty and shine to hair.

When we talk about keratin treatment we tend to believe that it is a reinforcement for the hair, in reality the offending molecule is too big to perform this task.
The treatment is structured with hydrolyzed keratin, that is the chemically decomposed molecule in units compatible with the keratin structure of the hair.

Following the procedure, the hair stylist will be able to guarantee smooth and soft hair for two or three months.
The risk is that in the products used during the session there is a too high percentage of formaldehyde which causes damage to health and does not guarantee the desired result.
In the market there are different types of keratin treatments for professional hair, each of which is combined with the various types of hair and is more or less effective, which is why before receiving this treatment it is important to know any risks that can bring the results close to zero.

Reconstructive keratin treatment

While on the one hand the effect is temporary on the other it is perhaps the best known and most widely used keratin hair treatment.
Adaptable to almost all types of hair, it does not cause serious damage precisely because it contains low percentages of hydrolyzed proteins.

Useful for taming frizzy hair, it will prevent the problem of moisture and allow you to show off challenging hairstyles without the risk of looking like a bush.
Recommended for those with wavy hair: the keratin treatment for curly hair is to be avoided, but you can indulge yourself with many cuts for curly hair, all to be tried and equally restorative.

Keratin treatment with chemical ironing

This keratin treatment is more commonly called smoothing, the result is temporary, but it is a much more aggressive process than the previous one.
In this treatment the percentage of formaldehyde is quite high and, if on the one hand it guarantees a satisfactory result on the other it is harmful to health, which is why before undergoing a keratin treatment for hair with chemical ironing it is advisable to carry out an allergy test , to avoid unpleasant consequences.

Brazilian keratin blowout treatment

Of last generation, this keratin treatment for hair has a longer life if you use natural shampoo and conditioner.
With a temporary result of medium duration (between two and five months), it is a treatment that does not create a break between treated hair and regrowth.
Ideal for those with a not too important frizzy hair problem it helps the straight hair to shine in all their splendor and the result is wonderful if we have hair made special by the balayage.

Restructuring keratin treatment with Japanese ironing

The most risky of all types of keratin hair treatments has a permanent guarantee.
It is performed by very few professionals who, only after having refined the technique, can try their hand at the practice.

An error can cause permanent damage and allows a noticeable smoothing effect but only intervenes on the lengths, that’s why it’s yes
permanent but must be reapplied with every regrowth.
It is ideal for those who have major problems with frizzy hair, but need important studies before application.

How long does a session take to get straight hair to make an oriental envy?

If your dream is to have straight and neat hair like an oriental woman, maybe because you’ve always dreamed of having straight hair during the big day, then you just have to arm yourself with patience and undergo a keratin hair treatment.

  • After choosing the treatment that best matches the type of your hair you will need:
  • You undergo a wash with an alkaline based shampoo, follow a natural drying and wait with clemency that your hair stylist proceeds strand by strand to brush the keratin based compound.
  • After leaving the product in place you will have to undergo a wash and follow a nourishing mask, at the end you will have to wait for the last washing and the styling, strictly smooth!

Keratin treatment: cost

The price for a standard treatment that does not involve any unforeseen or major risks ranges between 100 and 400 euros/dollars
Obviously it depends on the type of keratin treatment for hair chosen and the duration of the result.

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