What are the 2019 Hair Accessories? We’ll let you know…

2019 hair accessories

The dreamers of all ages will be happy: the hair trends of the year veer towards the wildest romanticism. The 2019 hair accessories are characterized by bows, bands, hats and clothespins of all kinds. The number one rule of this year is to stay “sober” but without going unnoticed, elegant but with that touch of panache that distinguishes us from the common.

We welcome the most varied color clips, ribbons, bows and hair clips refined but at the same time extravagant. The hair trends of 2019 are characterized by hair collected and decorated with various accessories.

Let’s have fun putting accessories for long and medium hair, giving the right importance to short hair. Because yes, even the short deserves to have those hair accessories 2019 that are on the crest of the wave.

Hair Accessories 2019: the flakes

The promoters of the bon ton style were waiting for nothing else: the focus of the 2019 hair accessories is all about them, the flakes. We have seen them at the head of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, since we were not suspicious, thinking how much her style could be far from us.

But no, because to put the dot on the i in the subject of hair accessories was Nicole Kidman when, at the Golden Globe 2019 ceremony, he presented the award for best drama to Bohemian Rapsody, showing off a large black bow in a semi-clear that he made everyone fall in love.

The bow tells a timeless style, from fairy-tale appeals to chic hairstyles, perfect for refined but also informal occasions. Of the most varied colors, fabrics and sizes, the bows are easily combined with any outfit and hairstyle. Oscar De La Renta and Chanel know this well, and they made it a workhorse.

How to wear flakes?

There is no unquestionable way to wear flakes. You can play with this accessory as you wish, as long as it is a well-marked bow on your hair. Fix them to a small circle or a clothespin, use them to stop a half-wash, wrap them around a chignon or to tie a ponytail. And if you do not have the practicality or the patience to tie a bow, we recommend applying it on a common elastic hair color. The result will be exceptional.

What Color and Fabric to Choose a Bow?

There are no rules on flakes. In velvet, silk, satin, cotton or hemp, a bow is always a bow. Velvet lends itself better to elegant occasions, like silk too; hemp and cotton are great for summer evenings or the sea. Certainly the color will make the difference …

If you have dark hair (from brown to black) the colors that go for the most are electric blue, bright red, mustard, ocher or shades of yellow. The pastel pink is perfectly suited to a blonde or light hair, as well as the shades of brown. While if you’re red, choose honey colors or, to be really cool, show off an extra-large emerald green bow.

Hair accessories 2019: the bands

2019 continues the wave of the 70’s, both in fashion and in hair accessories. To combine with loose coats, timeless pajamas and other numerous iconic pieces of the most famous hippie decade, do not forget the hair bands on the forehead.

You can not have the highest expression of “freedom” in the drawer of hair accessories 2019. An accessory not to be missed absolutely. And if you still have some doubts about the coolest fabric to choose from, or how to match them, leave it behind: the hippy straps can be adapted to any style. Leather for lovers of rock & roll and underground style, or in fabric, perhaps enriched with Swarovski and beads for those who do not renounce to the bon ton style.

Hair Accessories 2019: the hats

Hats have always been considered not just for hair accessories but for real clothes. A hat can (and must) make the difference in every outfit. This is why we pay great attention to a rapidly growing market, where the hat becomes essential to complete and enrich a particular look. In fact, a hat is one of the highest expressions of our personality; the accent on a verb that speaks of us. For this reason, when it comes to trends, hats are among the first lines.

In 2019 there is the triumph of solid or colored beanies, the classic wool hats that fit perfectly to our shapes. The beanie hat is the woolen cap that we have, since we were little girls, in the hangers, especially the chilly ones, since it is an excellent garment to protect oneself from the cold.

In addition, the beanie is an accessory that, in addition to being functional, gives that jaunty and youthful appearance that never hurts. To show off also the hats with the visor but in biker style leather; or the soft fabric hats. The novelty of 2019 are the hats that reflect the Borsalino style but with a different fabric: no longer soft but transparent felt. An excellent solution to shelter from the rain thanks to the visor that has always characterized its shape.

Let’s put the right hair accessory in mind and let’s get ready to ride the fashion of 2019.

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