+65 Wedding hairstyles for guests

Wedding hairstyles for guests: the 100 most beautiful!

High and refined collections, elegant half-collections, tails and side hairstyles, here are the hairstyles for invitations to weddings and most beautiful and special ceremonies!

Looking for wedding hairstyles for guests? Here is our collection with the most beautiful ceremony hairstyles! They range from classic chignon to French twist, from bon ton half-harvests to 50’s tails to elegant braids. Let’s find out the most interesting images and ideas of hairstyles for bridesmaids, witnesses and the most sophisticated mother and bride hairstyles to inspire!


In terms of wedding hair or ceremony hair, the hairstyles collected remain a classic, sophisticated and very elegant look. Vera Krasteva offers us elegant hairstyles with soft chignon and some locks left free, ideas of hairstyles that are very sought after witnesses. For the more classic low chignon we may prefer a high chignon, embellished with jewel clasps, floral inserts with rhinestones or a precious headband matching the chosen ceremony dress. Do you like these looks? Discover the most beautiful hairstyles for wedding witness in our in-depth analysis with many photos!


Romantic and refined, hairstyles with braids are perfect for both a girl and a more adult woman. The braids go very well on straight hair and also curly hair combined with crops. On the subject of elegant hairstyles, wedding hair is beautiful with elaborate weaves on the nape and falling curls. While for those looking for simpler wedding hairstyles we can opt for a refined braided ear of corn or classic, ideal to combine with boho chic looks. And if that’s still not enough, take a look at all the most beautiful long hair hairstyles in our dedicated article!


A trend that from catwalks to wedding hair is that of hairstyles with a tail, high or low. An idea of more daring witness hairstyles is that which provides for a high tail combined with a light 1950s-style coton, a look that we can embellish with headbands and jewel pins. Equally glamorous wedding hairstyles invited with a low tail, to be livened up by adding a cascade of curls to the mix, which can also be obtained at home with a curling iron and shaping the locks with your fingers.


In terms of trendy hairlook, the high updo on the head with retro echoes are among the most elegant. We will be able to opt for ceremony hair with tall, tight and full of ringlets or softer and loose. Leaving a few strands free on the sides of the head makes the hairstyles softer and helps to minimize cheekbones and marked features such as a large nose. And for those who want to dare there are the looks with wedding hair enlivened by twists and spirals on the neck, ideal with V-neck empire-style dresses.


Looking for hairstyle ideas for adult bridesmaids? A bridesmaid hairstyle must be elegant and chic, but without stealing the scene from the bride’s look. Among the most beautiful wedding hairstyles, there are those braided with rhinestones in the hair proposed by TonyaStylist, but for a summer wedding on the beach or in the 70s style, go-ahead also to crops with inserts of fresh flowers in your hair and braids. Much sought after wedding hairstyles with side crops, perfect with a crown of flowers on the bun. Roses, daisies or calla lilies? In this case the perfect choice is the combination with the bride’s bouquet.


As an alternative to the classic collected looks, we can opt for a semi-collected hairstyle, more romantic and perfect for those with long hair. Semi-gathered with ringlets are the most popular classic, with some front locks fixed on the nape or on the top of the head. The Greek hairstyles are very sophisticated, almost creating the illusion of a tail, but we can also choose half-harvests with weaves or with a light crest perfect to make fine hair appear thicker. Take a look also at the most beautiful curly hairstyles we have selected for you!


The soft crop is an example of one of the most elegant bridal hairstyles, especially if completed with floral inserts or jewel clasps. Twists and braids on the sides of the head can make the ceremony hair more original, even if we choose a more bon ton low hairstyle.


Brides moms can’t neglect the hair look! For those looking for refined mother of the bride hairstyles ideas, there are hairstyles that combine the elegance of the chignon with the inimitable French twist style, to be completed if you want with pearl inserts. Crops with swirls regulated by a fixative are an excellent alternative for the groom’s mother hairstyles, but high chignons with hair pulled back are not to be underestimated, perfect to make the look more bon ton. Here are the pictures with the most beautiful lady hairstyles!


For those looking for simple and easy to make hairstyles in a short time, we suggest wedding hairstyles with soft and not too elaborate harvests. Side hairstyles such as tails or collected seeds carried on one shoulder are a very chic alternative, and for those who need a formal look, short hairstyles to be done quickly, we remind you that a jewel headband or an elegant clasp can really make a difference. Discover the most beautiful DIY hairstyle ideas in our in-depth analysis with many tutorials!


As we have already seen, chignons are considered the elegant hairstyle par excellence, it is not surprising that they are among the most popular bridal and guest witness hairstyle ideas. From classic harvests to those with twist, braids and swirls in French style, the chignon always remains a winning idea to be sophisticated and fashionable. If you want to see other ideas and photos, discover our collection with beautiful low buns.

Wedding hairstyles collected or semi-collected? Bohemian-style look with flowers in your hair or French twist bon ton? Let us know in the comments which are the most beautiful ideas in your opinion among those we have proposed!


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