Top 80 Wedding Hairstyles 2020

Wedding hairstyles 2020

Side tails, chignon with jewel inserts, half-collected with boho-chic style flowers, here are all the most beautiful 2020 wedding hairstyles from which to take inspiration!

From soft harvests to romantic semi-harvests with precious accessories, from 50s-style tails to hairstyles with vintage echoes, we offer you many ideas of glamorous and sophisticated wedding hairstyles 2020, simple or more elaborate hairstyles to make the look perfect for adults day. Let’s take a look together with the most beautiful 2020 wedding hairstyles to inspire!

Bridal Hairstyles Trends 2020

From the tail to the low bun hairstyles such as those seen at the Amsale fashion show, from the side bridal hairstyles to the wedding hairstyles with jewel applications proposed by TonyaStylist, with precious light points and even with fresh flowers, the most interesting trends reward romantic details and touches bon ton. Semi-collected bridal hairstyles with braids such as those presented by Rosa Clarà continue to reap success, but there is no lack of more modern looks inspired by red carpets. Let’s see together the most beautiful ideas for bridal hairstyles to show off this year!

Bride hairstyles with braids

Whether you are looking for ideas for a simple or more complex wedding hairstyle, bridal hairstyles with braids remain a much loved classic. We can choose between a soft side wedding hairstyle like the one proposed by Maison Signore, perfect for those with long hair, or opt for the wedding hairstyles collected seen on the catwalk by Ines di Santo with chignon softened by a single crown braid. The semi-collected wedding hairstyles with some strands left free on the sides of the head or with curls and decorative braids on the back are more romantic, perfect ideas as bridal hair curly hairstyles, but not only! Have you loved these looks? Discover all the most beautiful wedding hairstyles with braids in our article with lots of photos!

Bridal hairstyles for short hair

In the theme of bridal hairstyles for short hair, a fundamental role is played by tiaras, tiaras and other hair decorations. Pixie cuts and very short cuts can be embellished with floral-themed bridal hairstyles accessories, such as headbands and crowns, and on straight hair we can also apply small rhinestone rings to hold only a few locks. For those who love the touches of the 1920s there are larger appliques with a floral theme perfect for livening up a semi-bridal hairstyle, and if we have chosen a boho-chic style dress, go ahead with bright flowers in your hair!

Wedding hairstyles ideas for long hair

Looking for wedding hairstyles ideas for long hair? The hairstyles collected bridal and semi-gathered are the most popular, from high and low chignons with basic curl folds and white inserts in the hair to the low tail combined with long forelock or side locks left free. An idea of side wedding hairstyle is the one that Pronovias proposes with applications of small tulle butterflies along the hair, but we can also reward a soft crop with elaborate tail as in the proposal by Lena Bogucharskaya or a mix of weaves and tails enlivened by jewel pins. Also take a look at the ideas of bridal hairstyles with more elegant loose hair!

Simple Wedding Hairstyles

For those who want to focus attention on the big day and reward a simple hairstyle, the proposals are different. Allison Webb suggests a low and refined tail to give the look a very sophisticated and fashionable accent, but we can also make a semi-collected bridal hair style in a low chignon style by adding a jewel clasp in the same color as the dress. A few characteristic twists and weaves on the nape of the neck can give the hairlook a very refined look, even more if we add the right accessories to the mix.

Semi-collected Bridal Hairstyles

Semi-collected bridal hairstyles are a classic to give a bon ton and romantic accent to the look. In this case, simple or more elaborate weaves on the nape are the key to the hair style, from the semi-gathered bridal hairstyles proposed by Ashley Petty with braided ears of wheat on the back, ideal for those who love the touches of the 70s, to the soft semi-gathered with a few locks set on the back and a cascade of curls on the back, perfect for those looking for ideas of hairstyles bridal refined curly hair. We can also reward half-harvests with small buns on the nape of the neck, or even tails with light 1950s-style crests that give the look a touch of volume. Discover all the most beautiful semi-bridal hair ideas in our in-depth analysis with many photos to inspire!

Collected Bride Hairstyles

To those who have a penchant for bridal hairstyles with collected hair, we remind you that both soft and tighter harvests are a winning choice. According to Pronovias, a very lateral line and the long forelock left free will make our look more romantic and less formal, but for those who love tight hairstyles there are the original high chignons with side braids or with more complex twists. To the hairstyles pulled back we can combine a jewel diadem or a crown, to coordinate with bridal jewelry that incorporate the same type of decorations.

Soft Picked Bride Hairstyles

The soft harvest is a classic with which you can rarely go wrong. Whether it’s a high chignon with a jewel brooch or a low updo with locks fixed very softly on the nape, the looks of this type are very elegant, ideal to combine with sweetheart necklines and humerals. The front strands can be left free along the temples, a perfect expedient to minimize the large forehead or the big nose, or fixed on the upper part of the head.

Hairstyle Bride with Flowers

Lovers of bohemian 70s touches? The bridal hairstyles with flowers are the one for you! A hairstyle with fresh and colorful flowers is perfect for a beach wedding, but we can also opt for more discreet looks with small white flowers fixed between the strands of hair. While for those who love wearing more eye-catching accessories go-ahead to look with large fake flowers on the sides of the hairstyle as the Pnina Tornai fashion show suggests, perfect if you have chosen a simple or minimal chic wedding dress.

Bridal Hairstyles with Veil

How to fix the veil to the hairstyle? The solutions to choose from are different, from the bridal veil applied under a bun or a low or high hairstyle, to the semi-gathered with veil attached to the jewel clasp in the central part of the hairstyle. In this case it is better to request the most interesting decorations such as braids and twists on the highest part of the head so that they are always visible.

Wedding Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Untameable curls? We can choose to keep them in order starting from a smooth crease for the upper part of the head with many ringlets at the base. Do you want to show off your natural curls? Green light for high hairstyles and tails to which a touch of fixative can give definition and order, but we can also add light cottons to the mix for a more lively vintage style effect.

Bride Hairstyles for Medium Hair

There are also several proposals for those looking for bridal hairstyles for medium hair, with more romantic looks with loose hair and circles of pearls or with jewel applications in harvests and semi-gathered of great elegance such as those presented by Vera Krasteva. A touch of volume to be obtained with a slight crest is perfect for making the hair appear thicker and fuller, but we can also choose simpler and more sophisticated side hairstyles, ideal with V-neck dresses.


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