Wavy haircuts 2020: short, medium, long

Wavy haircuts 2020: short, medium, long

From the proposals for short hair to those for medium and long hair, here are the trends haircuts 2020 most glamorous not to be missed!

Looking for cutting ideas for those with wavy hair? From hairstyle for short, medium and long hair to those with bangs, from looks with extravagant scaling to more traditional ones, the wavy haircuts 2020 reward a cheeky but very natural style. Let’s find out which are the most glamorous hairstyle flaunted by celebrities who will dictate the haircuts 2020 waving cuts and wavy cuts proposed by international hairstylists for 2020!

Haircuts 2020 Trends

Medium and equal like those worn by Elsa Hosk and Scarlett Johansson, short and scaled like those proposed by Eric Zemmour, or long enlivened by a side tuft and bangs, the wavy haircuts for women 2020 reward natural volumes and few artifices. The very lateral line gives character to the “messy” cuts by Cristiano Suzzi, while the central line awarded by Laurent Decreton helps to minimize the shape of the round face and focuses attention on the look.

Short Wavy Haircuts

In terms of short wavy haircuts, the pixie cut remains an evergreen, revisited by international hairdressers in increasingly characteristic versions. We offers very long slit cuts at the back and at the front in front, perfect for thick and frizzy hair, while the short back cut is balanced by a long side tuft and asymmetrical front locks. To those who seek ideas of blond wavy haircuts we suggest the boyish pixie cut Kristen Stewart with short tufts front, perfect for oval face and stretched. Discover also the most beautiful short hair cuts for the winter in our study.

Medium Wavy Haircuts

For those looking for suggestions for medium-length wavy haircuts, the long bob cut remains the most popular solution, as shown by Catherine Zeta-Jones and Nicole Kidman. The cut for medium-long hair by Erin Mane Maven rewards shortly climbed lengths and cold reflexes to liven up the hair, while for those who love hair behind it there is the largest volumetric Saint Algue with central uniform and long tufts, particularly suitable to dissolve the lines of a round face. And if you loved these looks, discover all the medium cuts for the winter in our mega collection!

Long Wavy Haircuts

Lovers of natural and long wavy hair? There are many renowned hairstylists who propose this year long wavy haircuts inspired by the concept of “no filter”. For those with fine and very thin wavy hair Class Hair Academy dedicates its linear cuts, slightly scaled on the front with a sophisticated and hyper feminine style. Big hair? The cuts with side uniforms are very popular, to dampen the effect, rigorously scaled or paraded to enhance the features. Looking for other look ideas? Discover our collection of long hair cuts for the winter!

Wavy Hair Cuts with Bangs

The bangs, short or long, remain the cross and delight of many women, even among actresses and models! Giuseppe Prisco shows us wavy hair cuts with bangs designed to enhance red hair, look with medium-short hair paired with an equal bangs that reaches the eyes. Vitality’s focuses attention on black hair, presenting fake looks disheveled, ideal for removing a bit of volume from swollen hair. Finally, Kristie Kesic takes care of the very wavy looks that come close to curly hair with her cuts with short bangs and combed up! Take a look also at the short cuts with more bangs details!

Scaly Wavy Haircuts

Scaling is the most important tool in the hands of hairdressers to create plays on volumes and original contrasts. Stars of the caliber of Emma Stone and Kate Hudson propose scaled wavy hair cuts with long strands of refined style, very suitable for women over 50. What is in store for over 40 instead? For those looking for something more incisive, Alter Ego offers its very short wavy haircuts in front to create more movement in the hair.

What do you think of our collection of trendy 2020 haircuts? What is the look you would like to show off most? Let us know by leaving a comment!


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