Wavy Haircuts 2019: The Trends for New Looks


Wavy hair: the charm of elegance for a timeless style travels between old loves and new cuts. From wavy hair to curls, to natural, fluffy or flat waves … there’s a hair style for everyone. Here’s how to bring wavy hair now, in the winter 2018 – 2019.

Is there a more feminine and sensual hairstyle or hairstyle of wavy or wavy hair? They went out of fashion yesterday and always come back into fashion, long, medium, loose, short or gathered.

Wavy hair, 27 photos for new looks

And, to convince you that follow the new hair trends 2019 means to get them moved regardless of length, we have collected 27 photos and ideas from which you can choose.

Always consider the shape of your face and your height: it is good that you know that long wavy hair (such as those seen in fashion shows or on Instagram) are good for those who are tall. On the other hand, the loose motion on medium-length or shoulder-length hair is good for everyone.

Whether you have long or medium-length hair, look at how you wear wavy hair now and what are the ideas of hairdressers, always remembering that making the difference is the right combination between the type of hair, the cut and the color.

And when you’re tired or you want to change loock, with a good plate you can smooth your hair!

Medium to medium-long wavy hair

Already in vogue for a few years, the wavy carré combines style with the ease of handling the hair: it is a much loved hairstyle that can be worn with the center or side line, or even uncombed. To achieve it, just an iron or a plate and styling products are enough. But the trendy trend of 2019 is the one with the bangs, as in this cut scaled disheveled with copper colored lightening.

This cut with bangs but maintained medium-long and ideal for enhancing fine hair, while the blonde balayage gives the right contrast to the hair and fits perfectly to the shape. Keeping them like this at home is not difficult, with a plate for waves that does not ruin the hair can be managed.

Here you see hair with full bangs scaled and wavy, with a blonde color with tone-on-tone shades obtained thanks to an exclusive technique: it is the proposal of the French salons of Jean Louis David. To get this effect, the tools of the trade are not enough, you need a thick glossy hair and possibly a natural blur.

Mahogany red scaled with bangs these wavy hair natural effect on the medium long hair.

Instead, this is a wavy long bob that highlights the colored locks obtained with one of the hair dyes that is among the top trends of the year: the bright red copper. Here you need a rich and robust foliage that spontaneously maintains the volume.

The carré messy (literally “disordered”) is one of the most popular cuts of the moment, so they propose the French hairdressers of Wella.

Among the trends in wavy hair 2019 there is no lack of those with natural effect waves made only on lengths. This is a cut with a slight scaling, smooth at the root and enhanced by the balayage in two shades of blond and platinum.

It is a rough medium-long natural effect and deliberately disheveled that created here on dark hair with red shades, proposed by the salons of Biguine Paris. Easy to handle, this hairstyle requires a good cut and an equally good product to give volume to the hair.

The trend of wavy hair 2019 also brings back retro styled hairstyles. Here’s how Fabio Salsa’s hairdressers give a touch of different style to a carré paro: hair with short bangs and curls on the sides. To make a turn like this you have to go to the hairdresser.

Short wavy hair

The new style for short wavy hair is this: the short courts with bobs enhanced by coppery lightening on dark brown hair.

This scaled cut with short wavy hair instead is good for women as young as fifty and is quite easy to do at home. The color is a shiny dark brown with coppery lightening.

Wavy hair with the center or side line

Hairdressers play on half lengths and long hair with some variation on the theme, even when talking about the line. There are very simple but voluminous hairstyles with locks moved at the ends like these brown hair proposed by Intermede.

But there are also the wavy with soft scaling and side line decidedly more charming and feminine as this idea of Manitiatis Paris.

Particularly suited to older women are the cuts like this side-on-side short that Cate Blanchett showed off on the red carpet of the last Venice Film Festival.

Wavy hair 2019

From the long to the short to the middle the possibilities to bring wavy hair is not lacking: there is the bon ton style, there are the flat waves and then there are those natural effect created with the plates or with the iron, more aggressive style , to be worn long or medium. Among the proposals of the salons stand out hairstyles on medium cuts characterized by soft waves with tuft.

You can also try the high tuft on medium long hair scaled. It is not easy to reproduce this style at home, for sure a good spray helps.

Among the wavy hair 2019 there is no shortage of wavy long hair dyed red, as happens with this hairstyle of the Saint Algue salons.

Among the most particular proposals are the medium-short flat waves created with pink and blue colored hair.

Here they are also on medium long pink hair, with candy shades.

The classic and very feminine style of long wavy hair is perfectly expressed in this proposal of the JLD salons. Here the line is high but not too definite.

The inspiration of the ’70s, the red copper and the very light natural waves characterize this simple long winter hairstyle.

An all-new bright blond obtained through new processing techniques revitalize wavy hair for the winter of 2019.

How to keep the hair moved in order

Although the wild hedgehog and the messy style are cleared, this does not mean you can leave your wavy hair untreated: you can see immediately if you are not hydrated while the effect of a hair combed with the right products is noticeable.

The first gesture is a constant nourishment: we talk about masks, milks and nourishing oils to be asked in the salon or to buy and apply at home (or to be prepared alone, provided you know very well ingredients and effects).

The second step concerns the washing: it is not recommended to use conditioning shampoo and conditioner of two different brands, better to choose the “pair” (or a co-wash, basically a washing balm) opting for branded products, an investment that pays off even in terms of appearance and combing.

As for the actual styling, the product depends on the effect you want to achieve: coiffing mouse and foam are a good solution especially for medium cuts and for a slightly disheveled effect.

The cream is suitable for very curly hair that tends to swell too much.

The waxes are suitable for creative hairstyles or for short cuts, to give definition and volume. To fix, there are specific gels for tight curly hair, or you can use the spray to fix only the slightly static hairstyles like tall tufts and voluminous diva waves.


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