15 “Warm Copper” hair styles that will inspire you to change

warm copper

Black hair can give you personality and make you feel sensual, the blonde makes you look younger but, it is enough of the same colors as always, right? It is time to give a radical turn to your hair and take a risk for a bright tone, and no, this time we are not talking about the unicorn.

Warm copper is the tone between brown and reddish that you have to try during this season. It is ideal for any type of skin, but it is best that you do not need to discolor your hair or mistreat it as would happen with other dyes. Here are 15 examples to inspire you to change.

Warm copper is a bright touch to your hair

It’s like having the reflections of fire in your head

Being a redhead is a drastic but perfect change

With this tone you will squander sensuality

It is ideal for white or brown skin

Do not hesitate to change the chestnut for this reddish color

Add reflections for even more contrast

It is the intense tone that will be a trend in 2020

It looks beautiful and very eye catching

With this tone you don’t need to mistreat your hair

You can also make a gradient to intensify the color

You don’t have to paint it often, with a touch up at the root is enough

You can make it as intense or brown as you want

You can also combine it with a blonde tone

What do you expect to dye like this!


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