Use hair mascara: it’s easy to use and it works!

Hair Mascara

The hair mascara is the product to have in the beauty case for those who love to have hair always at the top. Here’s how to use it and where to buy it

Hair mascara is the help in last-minute exits. It makes the color of our hair homogeneous and cancels the re-growth with quick passes, especially when the regrowth is very visible as in the case of the bangs.

For last minute adjustments

The mascara for hair comes to the rescue when we realize that, at the root, the white hair has come back (again this year the super clear hair, from ash to pearl, go a lot). Or, in all those moments when we are in a hurry but, at the same time, we want to show ourselves to our best without detachment between root and foliage.

This product looks like a mascara for eyes. The cosmetic is contained in a tube and is distributed in the hair using its brush. Simple to use, it creates a temporary coloring that does not drip and does not stain, but goes away to the next shampoo. In this way, if we do not want or can not go to the hairdresser, we will have the same hair at the top.

Why prefer a product like this

Coloring your hair is not something painless. The effects of the dyes, mostly chemical, on our hair are dryness and weakening that require pickling interventions. Not only that, often the ingredients contained within them have a great polluting power for rivers and seas.

Choosing a bio hair mascara means, in one shot, to avoid all this. Bio products, in fact, are free of substances such as resorcinol and paraphenylenediamine responsible for causing allergic reactions. Go ahead, therefore, to a temporary coloring with a green heart, because it is based on natural and sustainable substances.

How to look for them between physical stores and not

Now you’re wondering where to buy hair mascara. By now, this type of cosmetic has become widespread and you can turn to pharmacies, parapharmacies and herbalists to buy it. Do not forget also the bio-perfumeries where you will have a large assortment of organic hair mascara. The same applies also online, because the mascara to be used on the hair can be found both on specialized sites in cosmetics and on more generalist ones.

There are also spray variants

It should be added that, in addition to products in tubes, there are also those contained in cans and ready to be sprayed on the roots. The dye lacquers cover the regrowth, managing to fill even any thinning in the hair especially when they are quite brittle.

They work in the same way as cream mascaras. Apply to dry hair and create a temporary color that goes away with the shampoo. The advantage of these sprays is also the presence of a greater number of shades to choose from.

How to appear cured thanks to some touch of mascara

We have seen that the strengths of mascara for hair are its extreme practicality and the temporary effect created. This makes the use of these products a low impact on hair and the environment.

Thanks to simple brushstrokes, the hair regains their best appearance and enlivens their color without passing through demanding colors.

Moreover, since they do not create permanent coloring, they can also be used during pregnancy; the cosmetic remains on the surface of the hair without being absorbed deeply.


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